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Community Currencies

An all-embracing and flexible package which includes a mutual credit ledger, super-configurable transaction forms and displays, including several views and blocks. It can be used as a digital back-end for paper money projects, or to run an entire LETS, Timebank, or several in parallel. With a little tweaking, it can manage currencies conforming to a wide range of designs. Autopayments are possible and periodic payments require a little glue code.


  • multiple currencies with fine grained access control
  • Fieldable transactions
  • design your own transaction forms
  • pending transactions (parties must 'sign')
  • actions / triggers for notification
  • pluggable min/max balance limits
  • complete views integration
  • visualisation & stats
  • API for other modules to create transactions
  • Twitter / SMS integration

For more info, read the blog.

Time Banks, LETS, B2B

Community currency projects should find that this module works almost out of the box, but if you have no resources to commit to properly customising such a web site, you should think carefully about whether you have the resources to nurture a new economy! This is not a shop, a cart, or an ecommerce system, but a mutual credit system which tracks credit extended between users, though it will meet more business-like objectives in time.
Contrast with userpoints in which points are awarded to users for their online activity.

Warning about Governance
Complementary currencies historically have a very high failure rate. Web tools are no substitute for proper governance and community buy-in. You are strongly recommended to seek experienced advice before managing other people's credit.

Community Forge & other examples

Community Forge offers free hosted sites designed for LETS / Time Banks, using this module. Or start developing your own site by downloading the Cforge distro.
Timebanks USA is also using it for 200 sites (not counted below). Plus Time/Bank, an arts exchange project, RCredits, an SMS driven local currency, and numerous other home-made sites.

Detailed description

Read up on v3 for Drupal 7, and v4 for Drupal 8

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