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BreweryDB is your database of breweries, beers, beer events and guilds! Our service is just about the facts. All of our data is curated by BreweryDB administrators, so you can be sure that the information you get is timely and accurate.

Import the data and mash it up however you like!

This module provides an integration point with the BreweryDB API built for BeerBrave. It provides a Beer entity with common entity properties, a batch import process of Beers and import for turning Beer Categories into Taxonomy. Deeper integration is forthcoming.

How to Use

This module requires an API key from BreweryDB, and it's free. Premium access is a small fee but grants you additional features and access to data.

You can import/update beer through the admin interface, or you can call the API manually in your code:

// create an instance of the API interface
$foo = new BreweryDBAPIBeer();

// get all available beers in BreweryDB
$bar = $foo->getBeers();

// or get a beer by name
$bar = $foo->getBeerByName('Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA');

// or get ingredients for a beer, by beer id
$bar = $foo->getBeerIngredients(9999);

// or get all beer categories
$bar = $foo->getBeerCategories();

// and their styles
$bar = $foo->getBeerStyles();

// or get a random beer, with optional label and brewery data
$bar = $foo->getRandomBeer('Y', 'N');

// or even get events involving a beer, by beer id
$bar = $foo->getBeerEvents(9999);

The API is pretty robust and flexible - leaving us beer lovers free to cook up all sorts of cool ideas using the data - such as BeerBrave, a project this module is being developed for.

Development sponsored by BeerBrave and OneBoat.

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