Bootstrap fieldgroup

This module adds a new set of formatters to the Field Group options when
configuring a view mode display, to render field groups with Bootstrap markup.

The formatters can be applied to the node create/edit form, as well as on


The most interesting formatter is 'Bootstrap nav', which handles most of the
heavy lifting of rendering the Bootstrap markup.

Single field per tab

Fields can be nested directly under the 'Bootstrap nav' group, and each field
will receive its own tab/pill.


Main Container (Bootstrap nav)

  • Field 1
  • Field 2
  • Field 3
  • Field 4

Multiple fields per tab

If you need to organize more than one field under each tab/pill, you can nest
a 'Bootstrap nav item' group, and then organize your fields under these.


Main Container (Bootstrap nav)

  • Group Container 1 (Bootstrap nav item)
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
  • Group Container 2 (Bootstrap nav item)
    • Field 3
    • Field 4


Nav type

Specify either 'Tabs' or 'Pills'


Whether the tabs will be stacked vertically. The default is No; they will be


The orientation of the nav in relation to the content. Specify either 'Top',
'Right', 'Down', 'Left'.

NOTE: For pills, you may only specify 'Top', or 'Bottom'. Bootstrap only
seems to support left/right orientation for tabs.

This work was sponsored by Tchopshop Media.

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