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Deprecated. Use Metatag instead for D7/D8.

This project is a stopgap measure for implementing meta tags on a website for full integration with Facebook's Opengraph protocol. I have been using versions of it for my own sites for some time, and have been a bit shy to release it before now because:

1. There are several modules out there which are meant to do this.
2. The full release of metatag for D7 should render this obsolete, and indeed most people should use Metatag now.

How does Auto Opengraph work?

1. You choose the entities for which you want opengraph meta tags. Only entities with a request uri are eligible (and in D6 only nodes, taxonomy terms, and users).
2. You set the default patterns, using tokens or not, for Opengraph tags across the site.
3. You determine the overrides for the front page, for each entity type (nodes, taxonomy, users), and for each bundle (content type or vocabulary).
4. Opengraph meta tags are rendered using hook_preprocess_page based on the Drupal path requested.
5. The og:image is automatically resized to match Facebook standards.

Other options

As I noted above, this is a stopgap measure. If it meets your needs where nothing else does, that's great, but I expect it to be obsolete once Metatag matures, and depending on your needs you may find another module that suits you just as well or better. Perhaps one of the following:

Metatag (D7)

The much-anticipated successor to nodewords, which is clearly delivering on its maintainers' promises to build a much better system for metatags. When this module is complete, I fully expect that it will make Auto Opengraph obsolete. While there are still a few functions performed by Auto Opengraph that don't seem to be supported yet by Metatag, I would advise you to use metatag now if you can get by with the basics - it's much nicer already, and it will last much longer.
Okay, what does Metatag Opengraph not yet do?

Opengraph Meta

A simple, intuitive and easily configured module that allows administrators to manually set the values for certain opengraph tags for each node.
Why did you write Auto Opengraph instead? Opengraph Meta only renders certain tags for nodes, and they must be manually edited; Auto Opengraph renders all standard tags for nodes, taxonomy terms, and users, and it does so automatically on the basis of token replacement.

Nodewords (D6)

A popular, powerful, all-purpose module that facilitates the definition and rendering of meta tags on content. It can, I have heard, be configured to output opengraph tags.
Why did you write Auto Opengraph instead? I wrote the first version of Auto Opengraph before I knew about the capability of nodewords, and I'm glad I did so for a number of reasons, chiefly the ease of configuration.

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