Alinks is an SEO module that automatically replaces keywords with links based a list of keywords and links.

Setup the phrases and links you want through the administration interface and the module will replace the keyword phrases in the body field with a links to the pages to specify.

Drupal 8 Port:

I've started the Drupal 8 port of Alinks. If you'd like to help, I'm posting my status updates here: Assistance is welcome!

Main features:

  • Replace terms or keywords in the content body with a link.
  • Does not change content as it is executed on display only.
  • Can set the number of occurrences to replace.
  • Can set which content types it will affect

Recommended Module:

External Link adds link icons and target="_blank" to external links.

Similar Modules:

  • Glossify creates automatic links based on node titles or taxonomy terms. Links can either point to nodes or terms.
  • Link Intel is a link automation tool that also includes a sidebar block.
  • Word Link - Clone of Alinks
  • Active Taxonomy Links - similar to Glossify except that it only works on taxonomy and it alters your content.
  • Wordfilter - replace words with other words instead of links.

Project Information