The Drupal community has developed several excellent modules to get fine-grained access control over a node (e.g. Content Access, Domain Access, Workflow, Organic Groups, Taxonomy Access Control, ...)
Whereas each of these modules provides access control based on a specific feature, they tend to break eachother's functionality if used together.

Access Control Bridge solves this by creating a working interplay between all enabled access control modules.


There are no settings to configure. The module should work out of the box.

It should be noted however that you should be well aware about the settings of each of the enabled access control modules since access will only be granted if all modules controlling access to a specific node explicitly allow it.
E.g if a node is controlled by Content Access and Workflow and the node should only be visible for anonymous users at a specific workflow state, you should grant anonymous users view permission in Content Access as this is further modulated by Workflow!

IMPORTANT if you update from 7.x-1.1 or below

A backward incompatible change has been introduced in 7.x-1.2 causing certain Domain Access permissions to be no longer required. If you had applied those permissions, it is recommended to uncheck them if they are not vital for your setup. Please ensure to rebuild your permissions afterwards.

Final bits and pieces

- Initial development of this module has been sponsored by fox_01.
- The Drupal 8 port of this module has been sponsored by Torchbox & CSP - Port done by Sven Decabooter.

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