Hi guys I have installed the Video Module and Flowplayer and have setup ffmpeg and the flv convertion is working correctly. However when I click on the node teaser which is the thumnail created by the ffmpeg then it takes me into full node view and the FlowPlayer would start the video, but this message appears:

200 Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] 'http://www.localhost.dev:8888/drupalsite/node/sites/default/files/videos...'

Now by looking at it for a long time I have found what the problem is but no luck finding out how to solve it. First I will explain what is happening on the path.
I setup a Content Type with a video input field that is from the Video Module CCK field and it uses ffmpeg to convert that file in to a flv. When setting up the Video Module it asks you for a directory to keep these videos which I choose to be a Folder called videos inside the Files folder that is inside the Sites/Default. Then there is another videos folder because the content type is called videos. inside of that last videos folder exists an Original folder created by the Video Module which holds the original file uploaded and then another folder called converted which holds the converted file.

I saw that the problem of the above URL is that it has something that it shoudn't which the "node/" part of the URL. This must be because the URL for a Drupal site is normally http://www.example.com/node which is the Front Page for the Drupal site and I cannot delete it and just leave it as localhost.dev:8888 without the Node in front cuz it would not work.

My problem here is that I don't know if it is the FlowPlayer or the Video Module that is grabbing the http://www.localhost.dev:8888/drupalsite/node/sites/default/files/videos... URL when it should be looking for http://www.localhost.dev:8888/drupalsite/sites/default/files/videos/vide... and then the file would play.

Has anyone already been in this situation and has a solution. Although I am not good at PHP yet I have been looking around on the files and cannot find the way to do it. Please help me guys as this is very frustrating.


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This issue will be addressed by the video community.

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Hi.. I have found the solution...

1. Add absolute path of ffmpeg.exe file in "Path to Video Transcoder" field. (Transcoder tab of video module).
2. Add absolute path of flvtools2.exe file in "Path to FLVTool2" field. (Metadata tab of video module).

download links:
http://www.ffmpeg.org/download.html (ffmpeg.exe, is under bin folder.)


If using Linux, these tools will be already added. Please check their paths.

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I have the same problem: The URL is relative, not absolute.

I thought I had a solution, but it doesn't work properly. I added a / in front of the URL (in flowplayer.module) but that messes up things in different places. So I still need a solution as well.

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I had exactly the same challenge, but I was using swftools (http://drupal.org/project/swftools) with flowplayer instead of the video module, and I had a similar error

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similar error here, works fine with JW Media Player

video + swf tools + FlowPlayer3

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try to add the base_path by calling base_path()

worked for me...


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I have been suffering the same Flowplayer "200 stream not found" error under Video 6.x-4.2-beta2 (also 6.x-4.x-dev) using Flowplayer API 6.x-1.0-beta1.

After some investigation I have found that the error manifests itself only when the "Automatically start video on page load" option is unchecked under admin/settings/video, and no thumbnail is selected for use with the video. This results in the video module passing flowplayer a playlist starting with an item like 'http://example.com/default/files/", which of course flowplayer cannot render. The code that exposes this problem was committed in this patch: http://drupal.org/node/973950 - and can be found on lines 190-197 of video_formatter.inc.

I have remedied the error by inserting the following elseif() at line 105 of my video_helper.inc:

     } elseif($thumbnail->filepath == '') {
		$thumbnail->url = '';
    }else {
      $thumbnail->url = file_create_url($thumbnail->filepath);

This correctly bypasses the playlist generation in video_formatter.inc and instead renders the clip without a thumbnail.

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Thank you dotsam
the problem was solved.

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Hey Dosam,

this code is work for me

Thank you very much

ajay kumar jain

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same problem with same error. this went away with


"Automatically start video on page load" is ticked on. Can anyone else confirm that this "fixed" things for them as well?

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That did not work for me. I also tried setting the absolute path to the FFMPEG library and flvtools2 both starting with / and starting the paths without it. The entire process seems to work pretty well when I have only the MP4 and FLV presets checked. I have been trying for over a week to get a .mov to play with no success. It does convert the .mov to .flv and .mp4 and my flowplayer shows up with the image I set as the poster. However, I constantly get the 200 Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] 'http://www.localhost.dev:8888/drupalsite/node '' error. I've looked ALL over the place and most of the threads have been left unanswered or their solutions did not work out for me. I have also tried getting MediaFront configured and I didn't have any luck there either. I would really, really like to have a nice well-rounded solution to uploading videos and both local (more important) and non (like our YouTube videos) added to our site. Please if anyone out there can provide more support it would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you check your .htaccess for the proper mimetype?

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Yes I have one of the first things I did was add the MIME types :/

AddType video/ogg .ogv
AddType video/mp4 .mp4
AddType video/webm .webm
AddType video/x-flv .flv
AddType video/quicktime .qt .mov

in .htaccess

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I have the same problem and I've been trying to solve it for months - literally.

I'm using Video and am successfully encoding to mp4, ogv and Flash - the individual transcoded files play properly. I get the "200 Stream not found" error for the .ogv file, even though the file is, indeed, exactly where it's supposed to be and playable. The file path is correct. It doesn't seem to be a permissions issue either - everything's set to 777.

I'm using Flowplayer3 and it's properly configured, including flowplayer.rmpt-3.2.3.swf - has anybody gotten this to work? I'll also note that the "solution" posted as to the direct path to ffmpeg and flvtool2 is no solution at all, and even if it was, it's only applicable to Windows machines. ffmpeg, flvtool2, qt-faststart and ffmpeg2theora are all installed properly on my sandbox - I still get this error.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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I have it working, unfortunately I'm not in front of my machine to give you the settings.

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It is looking really good!

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It works when I add a thumbnail manually.

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Could anyone help me with this http://drupal.org/node/1542832 ?

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I have followed the below steps to fix the issue.,

  1. Added The MIME Types for the MP4 files in .htaccess file
  2. Instead of providing the encrypted URL path as the Config URL, provided the decrypted one.

Please note that for me the issue occurred only on Internet Explorer browsers.

After doing the above steps my MP4 file is working fine.