I'm using CCK + CCK image field module right now and I pretty happy with its features.

But, I want to customize my theme and have content available where I want it.

my CCK content type is called: CARTOON and it contains 3 fields


- title (text field)
- cartoon_image (image field)
- cartoon_text (text field)

Wow, my content is uploaded at once with all these 3 fields filled out, SO I have a title, an image, and a text below the image. Now the problem is, I want to get somehow the value of this cartoon_image field, so that I can use it no matter where in my template.

does anyone know how to get this value?


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Info about theming CCK nodes here:

Creating a template

To quote from that page...
"A logical question at this point is how do you know what fields are available to use. Here is a tip that will help you design your theme. Add the following code to the very end of the template:"
<code><?php print_r($node); ?>

This will print to the page all available variables from your CCK type.


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I know how to print all those variables, but my question is: how to read these?

[field_colum_cartoonimage] => Array
[0] => Array
[fid] => 21
[title] =>
[alt] =>
[nid] => 33
[filename] => BOrattenvergif.jpg
[filepath] => files/BOrattenvergif.jpg

-> I need this filename variable...
I already tried several things, but can't get that value...

I need the exact syntax and that's what I don't havE..


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Try something like <?php print $node->field_colum_cartoonimage[0]['filename']; ?>.

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I'll try this out later tonight and will get back to you, thanks already!


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unfortunately, this doesn't print anything :(


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and use <?php print_r($node); ?>. This will give you a list of variables. Then use the format I gave you to print the values you are after. Maybe try <?php print $node->field_colum_cartoonimage[0]['value']) ?>. You might find the variable is called something slightly different to the example you gave me - perhaps "colum" is spelt "column"?

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What about:
<?php print $field_colum_cartoonimage['view'] ?>
<?php print $field_colum_cartoonimage['value'] ?>

or if you have multiple $field_colum_cartoonimage:

 <?php foreach ($field_colum_cartoonimage as $cartoonimage) { ?>
<dd> <?php print $cartoonimage['view'] ?> </dd>
<?php } ?>
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Looking at this post (I don't have an answer for the question sorry) I started wondering, what is the difference between array['view'] and array['value'] ? These aren't php terms are they? This is drupal specific meaning.

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array['view'] is filtered and safe to display.

array['value'] is raw and could contain code. You probably don't want to display this.

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Since I stubbled across this thread when looking for the variable I wanted, I thought I might as well post here after finding it.

The code below worked for me for calling a field I have given the name of "section".

<?php print $node->field_section[0]['value'] ?>

~ Dave

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YOu're THE Dave, thanks for that post

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...also in blocks?

I need to display the CCK-field-data of a book-coverpage in a block on all its subpages. I posted this here: http://drupal.org/node/260594
Any idea how to do this?

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It does work i believe its combination of object at top level and then array below.

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Can anybody tell me how to do this with a filefield?



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This will do it:


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Thanks a lot anotherdave for posting your find. It works.

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thank you i tried same its working but...its displaying all my content including images,text,link together. where can i get those variables individually?
Thank you Dave

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I am using webform to create a page.it contains a field Image path (Type = File)
When i attach a file(ex: homepage-banner.jpg) and submit it
in the data base value which is stored is:

a:5:{s:8:"filename";s:19:"homepage-banner.jpg";s:8:"filepath";s:40:"files/webform/upload/homepage-banner.jpg";s:8:"filemime";s:10:"image/jpeg";s:8:"filesize";i:48792;s:6:"source";s:5:"image";} Banner

How Can Fetch path From This.

Please Help Me.

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I got here looking for a way to print a drupal node variable but I cant seem to get it right. Maybe you guys can give me a hand.

When doing print_r ( $node->content[field_fechanacimiento] )

I get this:

Array ( [#type_name] => autor [#context] => full [#field_name] => field_fechanacimiento [#post_render] => ... etc etc

How can I print the field_name?? I get confused by the "#" sign.


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you do need to use the # sign i prefer using the devel (http://drupal.org/project/devel) module to get the variables, you can use dev load tab to find out a particular element.

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Sorry if this question comes across as stupid to anyone .. but I wanted to know where I can find a comprehensive list of the attributes that a field may take. By attribute I mean for the field named section $node->field_section[0]['value'] .. has ['value'] as its attribute and this can be changed to ['view']. Similarly what are the other attributes can be used. I tried searching the API but couldn't find what I was looking for. Thanks for your help

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...saurabh.bhambry's request.