There is a problem with menu breadcrumb enabled. The breadcrumb should look like "main" => "blog" => "page1", but it shows only "main" => "printerfriendly" => "printerfriendly" (translated from german "Startseite" => "druckoptimiert" => "druckoptimiert").
Could not find an issue for something like this, but I hope someone has a solution for this.



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Any progress on this?

I'm also experiencing this issue. Not sure if it's related to print module or menu_breadcrumb, but disable MB fixes the issue.

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Project: Printer, email and PDF versions » Menu Breadcrumb
Version: 6.x-1.11 » 6.x-1.3

The printer-friendly page is not in any menu, but it tries to get the breadcrumb of the original page.. It seems MB module interferes with that.