This is a minor upgrade issue, but we might as well document it and fix it.

If you are upgrading a Drupal 6 site that had the "Administer" menu item (and tree) moved out of the Navigation menu and into some other menu (like Primary Links, or whatever), then after the upgrade the /admin page will read

You do not have any administrative items.

Navigating to the actual paths works, but they're just not on the /admin page.

Steps to reproduce:
Update a Drupal 6 site which happened to have the Administer menu item somewhere other than the Navigation menu (for example, in a custom menu).

The user might expect a normal upgrade.

Instead, the user will see no entries at /admin after upgrading.

Proposed resolution

Comment #1 offers a workaround:
Before upgrading, use the menu interface at admin/build/menu to reset the "Administer" menu item, which will put it back in the Navigation menu.

Numerous posters confirmed that this solution in comment #19 worked. Run the following code directly against the DB from the command line or using a tool like phpMyAdmin

DELETE FROM menu_links WHERE module = 'system'

Then you need to visit /admin/config/development/performance and clear the cache.

Comment #31 includes a patch with this code. catch wrote that this approach will "destroy people's customized administrative menus on upgrade." sun wrote in response:

Since it would take another one or two years to fix this aspect of the menu system, I'd actually recommend to commit #31. That's our only way to ensure that menu links derived from the menu router are correct when upgrading to D8.

Remaining tasks

Needs an automated test.

Original report by rfay

This is a minor upgrade issue but might as well be documented and perhaps even fixed.

If you are upgrading a Drupal 6 site that had the "Administer" menu item (and tree) moved out of the Navigation menu and into some other menu (like Primary Links, or whatever) then after the upgrade the /admin page will read

You do not have any administrative items.

The actual paths seem to work, they're just not on the /admin page.

What I did: Updated a Drupal 6 site which happened to have the Administer menu item somewhere other than the Navigation menu (it was in a custom menu).

What I expected: A normal upgrade.

What happened instead: I ended up with no entries at /admin.

Note that this was the only recreatable problem in the update of a small D6 site! Yeah!

#60 admin_menu_links_disabled.png166.79 KBmjchadwick
#31 system_links.patch1014 bytescatch
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 35,724 pass(es). View
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I forgot to mention the workaround:

Before upgrading, use the menu interface at admin/build/menu to reset the "Administer" menu item, which will put it back in the Navigation menu.

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Crud... how does one restore the links again?

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Priority: Normal » Major

Upgrading to major... I think this is a huge WTF, as the links are even missing from the administration menu when it's enabled, since they're not properly listed on the /admin page either. If someone upgrades his site, and finds that the links have gone missing, it takes time and effort to find a way to actually administer the site again (tip: look for the "Index" tab on the admin page).

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The workaround in #1 worked. In fact, over in #991778: Detect and repair menu corruption it has been debated whether there should be a way to reset all menus before upgrade.

geerlingguy’s picture

What about after upgrading...? I don't want to have to go back again just to get all the menu items to show up - is there a way to manually reset that menu? I already reset the admin links, and they are in the Management menu.

rfay’s picture

I didn't figure out a way to solve it after the fact. My workflow is always

while upgrade is still not clean
try it again

I think an after-the-fact workaround would be great. We'll need one.

rfay’s picture

This one probably does need to be solved.

geerlingguy’s picture

@rfay/#6 - heh... my approach is usually, "Do the upgrade, and push forward, come Hell or high water! (Then fix bugs later)." I don't like resetting my db and everything, unless the site is for a large, paying client :)

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I'm checking over the toolbar.module, and it looks like toolbar_get_menu_tree() is not outputting the links properly:

 * Get only the top level items below the 'admin' path.
function toolbar_get_menu_tree() {
  $tree = array();
  $admin_link = db_query('SELECT * FROM {menu_links} WHERE menu_name = :menu_name AND module = :module AND link_path = :path', array(':menu_name' => 'management', ':module' => 'system', ':path' => 'admin'))->fetchAssoc();
  if ($admin_link) {
    $tree = menu_build_tree('management', array(
      'expanded' => array($admin_link['mlid']),
      'min_depth' => $admin_link['depth'] + 1,
      'max_depth' => $admin_link['depth'] + 1,

  return $tree;

Using devel, I found that the $admin_link variable is valid, but menu_build_tree() is not returning the tree... still investigating.

geerlingguy’s picture

I went into the menu_links table in my database (I used PHPMyAdmin), and changed the mlid of the 'management' menu to 0, and the depth to 0, and now the menu works correctly. I don't know whether the D7 update process needs to make this particular change, or if the code in toolbar_get_menu_tree() should be modified to accept different parameters in the management menu...

[Edit: After I made a change to the menu and saved it, the depth was again set back to '0', so I had to make the change in the DB again; and again, the menu is working.]

geerlingguy’s picture

I just updated a page on the site, and after saving that page, it's main menu link was removed, and then I noticed that all the 'Management' menu items were somehow magically transferred over to my main menu (which was primary links). When I went to the list links page, none of them had the 'reset' operation available, so it looks like the menu system thought they all belonged there.

I edited the menu and moved my links back to how they should've been, but upon saving the menu, links were moved around magically again, and my main menu links started mingling with other management links (for instance, my 'Contact' link was under the 'Configuration' link parent all of the sudden.

Something seems to be quite messed up on my site (I haven't had any of this behavior on any of my other sites—but those are all fresh D7 sites, not upgrades from D6 to D7).

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An update: I was able to resolve all my menu-related problems by using the SQL statement in (from issue #991778: Detect and repair menu corruption).

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The workarounds posted in #1 and #13 worked for me. I quickly tested without success something like this in menu.install.

function menu_update_7000() {
  $link = array(
    'router_path' => 'admin',

edit: It's also not working if I reset the link after upgrading ( from admin/structure/menu/item/*/reset ) . So it's logical that my attempt didn't worked.

idflood’s picture

Something looks strange to me in the code highlighted in #9. Why are we doing something like this?

'expanded' => array($admin_link['mlid']),

If I comment this line the toolbar get filled with too many links, otherwise I get no links at all.

philippejadin’s picture

Component: update system » ajax system

Having the same problem.

Went from Drupal 5 to 6 a few months ago. Now trying to go to 7.

I have the same problem.

Of course I made the mistake of changing the administration menu when I was still a beginner in drupal (like 3 years ago).

So I don't expect the upgrade process to magically fix my beginner mistake. But it would be nice to have the drupal 7 upgrade tell you something like :

"Your Drupal 6 administration menu has been customised. You won't have complete access to the drupal 7 administration menu. It is recomended to fix this issue by visiting this page (+link to this issue or another better explanation of the problem)"

I don't know how many people are concerned by this problem btw.

philippejadin’s picture

Component: ajax system » database update system

Setting the right component back

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Title: Broken admin pages/links after upgrade if "Administer" was not in the "Navigation" menu » Upgrade fails (broken admin page) if "Administer" was not in the "Navigation" menu
Status: Needs work » Active
Issue tags: -Needs tests, -Needs issue summary update

I just run into this issue. I could restore the links by executing the following SQL command in phpmyadmin:

DELETE FROM menu_links WHERE module = 'system'

Then you need to visit /admin/config/development/performance and clear the cache.

strellman’s picture

@ #19 Wow! That was a big help. Thanks. I am going to reference this cleanup fix on my admin_menu issue.

sun’s picture

Title: Upgrade fails (broken admin page) if "Administer" was not in the "Navigation" menu » Broken admin pages/links after upgrade if "Administer" was not in the "Navigation" menu

subscribing, but I won't work on this issue.

mgifford’s picture

Thanks. That worked well for me too!

Uccio’s picture

I have the same problem occurred when migrating D5-> D6-> D7.
The menu in the D5 version was the default position.

The workarounds #13 and #19 don't resolve my problem.

tamsoftware’s picture

#19: Thanks ! Worked great for me !

Byrone’s picture

#19 Fixed admin toolbar and menus after my D6 to D7 upgrade. I hope this is being incorporated into the next version. Thanks.

bryancasler’s picture

#19 worked

will_in_wi’s picture

Not sure if you need the extra confirmation, but every site I have upgraded thus far has had this problem.

iaminawe’s picture

#19 Worked after my D6 to D7 upgrade mangled the menus - thanks very much

Solar75’s picture

Worked for me! #19

nicoz’s picture

Experienced this on a straight up D7 install (i.e. wasn't an upgrade from D6) and #19 fixed it.

catch’s picture

Status: Active » Needs review
1014 bytes
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 35,724 pass(es). View

I see three possible ways to do deal with this:

1. Try to fix the coupling of /admin with menu links. This is a D8 task at this point.

2. Copy #19.

3. Leave it broken since the approach in #2 is going to destroy people's customized administrative menus on upgrade and they might not appreciate that.

For testing purposes (and to see if it passes the bot), I'm uploading a patch for option #2, overall I don't think we should commit this, unless we're fine losing people's menu link data in order to fix this.

sun’s picture

The sole fact that this bug exists means that the changes performed in #631550: Stale + improper logic for MENU_VISIBLE_IN_TREE and MENU_VISIBLE_IN_BREADCRUMB and #550254: Menu links are sometimes not properly re-parented did not ultimately fix the issue.

Since it would take another one or two years to fix this aspect of the menu system, I'd actually recommend to commit #31. That's our only way to ensure that menu links derived from the menu router are correct when upgrading to D8.

However, I'd recommend to perform this hard-coded either as the very first step or the very last step in the core upgrade procedure, and delete all corresponding module update code. Not sure which of both makes more sense, but most likely to do it first.

xjm’s picture

Tagging issues not yet using summary template.

franz’s picture

Ugh, that fix is not nice. Had to use, kind of worked, but I had to check the Performance page path as I couldn't remember it and couldn't reach it through interface in the meanwhile.

catch’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work
Issue tags: +Needs tests

Needs work per #32, would also be good to get tests for this.

chichio9000’s picture

My problems succsess with #19. Thanks fleetcommand

Cholly’s picture

Thanks! #19 works great. If you are in doubt, export the menu_links table before running the command so you have a copy.
After running the query, I received some errors. I ran the update script and everything was fine.

davemurphy’s picture

Excellent #19 worked from (upgraded from D6 to D7 and lost admin menu in the toolbar.

rgds Dave

rnexussix’s picture

Upgrading from 6.2x to & 7.x same "empty bar" problem" . Executing #19 code breaks the installation.

dlampel’s picture

Many blessings upon you, fleetcommand for this solution. Thank you!

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Title: Upgrade fails (broken admin page) if "Administer" was not in the "Navigation" menu » Broken admin pages/links after upgrade if "Administer" was not in the "Navigation" menu
Status: Active » Needs work
Issue tags: +Needs tests, +Needs issue summary update

Thanks to Fleetcommand for #19 that fixed my missing admin tasks (Vous n'avez accès à aucune page d'administration.) after a D6->D7 upgrade.

betarobot’s picture

Also to confirm: #19 worked just fine at a few d6 > d7 upgrades.

madmattus’s picture

1000 times Tanks for this solution!!!

gamgllc’s picture

Need help reconstructing menus on web site if available contact

jtherkel’s picture

Issue summary: View changes

Updated issue summary as part of, with advice from xjm.

digibrill’s picture

I have a similar issue where if I am logged in and viewing any page on the site, only the shortcut bar has links in it. The admin bar is empty. If I am viewing any administrative page, then all the links in the shortcut and admin bar are there. Tried #19 and no change. Any ideas?

JeniferTucker’s picture

Version: 7.x-dev » 7.21

I have come across this after upgrading from D6 to D7.

All the right menus items for the administrative toolbar were displayed in the 'Management' menu (.../admin/structure/menu/manage/management), however, the toolbar was empty.

#19 didn't fix for me.
I still had an empty toolbar after updating my database, even after clearing cache as suggested.

What fixed it for me was going back to the 'Management' menu and clicking on 'reset' for all the items and saving the configuration. They remained in the 'Management' menu but this time without the reset link.

After that, I found the 'Administration' menu item under the 'Navigation' menu (.../admin/structure/menu/manage/navigation) and clicked on the reset link alongside. This moved it to the 'Management' menu.

I then used drag/drop to move all the menu items (and their children) to be under 'Administration'

      Advanced help

After saving the configuration, my toolbar was no longer empty.

Hope this helps someone else who may still be having problems.

WiredEscape’s picture

I'll confirm that #46 worked without issue on D6.28 to D7.22 upgraded site.

Below is outline of Management menu from a clean install D7 site which was not upgraded from D6.

Add content
Basic page
Calendar event 1
Employee profile
Contact form
Content types
Main menu
User menu
Account settings
Password policies
IP address blocking
Site information
Bad Behavior
Global Redirect
Google Analytics
Content authoring
Text formats
Webform settings
User interface
Menu block
Date API
Date Popup
Date Tools
Logging and errors
Maintenance mode
jQuery update
File system
Image styles
Image toolkit
Search and metadata
Search settings
URL aliases
Meta tags
URL redirects
XML sitemap
Clean URLs
Regional and language
Regional settings
Date and time
Web services
RSS publishing
Status report
Available updates
Recent log messages
Bad Behavior
Field list
Top 'access denied' errors
Top 'page not found' errors
Top search phrases
Views plugins
Advanced Help

JeniferTucker’s picture

Version: 7.21 » 7.22

I followed #19 as was having the same problem after an upgrade from D6 to D7 and run the DELETE command from the database and then cleared the cache.

Eventually found my 'Administer' menu link on its own in the 'Navigation' menu and moved it to the 'Management' menu and nested the rest of the menu links below. Problem solved.

Thanks for those who posted helpful tips to help others :-)

koschos’s picture

#19 Thanks. It helps for me too

revagomes’s picture

Status: Needs work » Reviewed & tested by the community

There were any evolution related to this issue in addition to the last patch?

I don't think this the the final solution to do that, but if so I suppose the last patch is RTBC...

revagomes’s picture

Issue summary: View changes

Updated issue summary.

Janne’s picture

#19 worked like a charm. Thanks! :)

David_Rothstein’s picture

Version: 7.22 » 7.x-dev
Issue summary: View changes
Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Needs work

This is an annoying bug, but we definitely can't destroy all the customized menu items on the site in order to fix it.

Sam Moore’s picture

Late to the party, but... #19 is the gift that keeps on giving.

jessZ’s picture

#46 worked for me.
After a drupal 5>6>7 upgrade this did seem sort of minor at first (compared to giving up hundreds of fields and reorganizing the entire image system) but once i started administering the site it got on my nerves real fast.

Way back when I had re-organized this sites admin menus for use with a "simple menu" module back in Drupal 5 (to create a toolbar interface.) "Administration" was its own menu. As per #46 I went to the "Administration" menu under menus in the main navigation: admin/structure/menu

hit the only reset visible and that item reappeared in toolbar and in the "management" menu. once i could see one item in the toolbar I could shuffle around the relevant items into the parent Administration and they appeared in the toolbar.

Unfortunately I hit reset on a number of items which i certainly did not intend to delete, most irritating all the non standard content types. beyond book, page, story etc. Be careful on hitting reset--you really do lose all settings.

Also some errant paths seem to be hardwired incorrectly to the old admin structure. /admin/access. When I have more time i might go into the dbase to fix them but meanwhile I am just grouping them together in orphaned links.

brookfield’s picture

D7 is populating the toolbar with menu children of Management>Administration. Your Administration menu must appear with 'Management' as the 'Parent link', and any items that you want to appear in the toolbar must be set with 'Administration' as the 'Parent link'.

You need to find the menu settings, which may be a little tricky because if you menus have been customized. When I tried following menu trails in other posts, the breadcrumbs were different. The setting for me are under 'Structure>Menus'. When you find it, you will have a table of menu items that can be edited or rearranged. I had trouble finding the 'reset' mentioned in some posts (you will find them when you find the table to edit the menus), but that is not necessary. You do NOT need to follow #19 or 'reset' menu items, though #46 was on the right track. Just edit the menus so that you have the structure 'Management>Administration>(whatever links you want to appear in toolbar).’s picture

Version: 7.x-dev » 7.5
Component: database update system » menu system

I have tried the various workarounds listed in the comments, but all I succeeded in doing was deleting the menu links altogether. I had to restore the database table menu-links from a backup. However, I still receive a "500" error whenever I try to access the "Structure" or "Modules" admin links. All the info appears to be correct in the DB, and my PHP memory is 128 MB. Does anybody know what else could cause this issue?

Drupal 7.50 (Recently "Updated" and ran update script)
Godaddy Plesk 12.0
Shared Hosting

I'll be happy to provide any other info about my system that may help with troubleshooting.


Sam Moore’s picture

@jrstevens - a 500 is a generic error, but it often betokens some PHP fatal error. Can you see into your PHP error logs?
PHP errors are often logged into the Apache error log, but ask your host.
It would be great if you could identify what threw the error.
Also can you run drush from the command line at all? If so try 'drush cc all' and see if it throws up.’s picture


Thank you for your reply and suggestions. Unfortunately, I am on shared hosting with Plesk for Windows so I do not have access to ANY logs of value, nor to Apache, Drush, or some of the critical PHP files. I have been able to check the php settings and they comply with all of the suggestions/solutions I have seen so far. I suspect you are correct that something in php is causing the error, but it is difficult to debug without any access to the log files.

Thanks again,

Sam Moore’s picture

Well if you can't see the logs I'm guessing you can't write your own php,ini values either...
Sorry you're in this situation; shared hosting is a real bear to work with.

You could try asking your hosting service - see if they can make you your own php.ini for your site so that you can manipulate the variables. I'd start with the resource limits variables.
If that's not possible, perhaps they could at least share the logs with you.
Or just find a better host....

mjchadwick’s picture

166.79 KB

I think I'm experiencing this same issue on Drupal 8.4.x. Somewhere along the line, nearly 75% of the admin links got "disabled". If I go into Structure->Menus->Administration, I see a bunch of "Enabled" checkboxes that are not checked.

Admin Menu Links Disabled

Unfortunately, checking their boxes (which requires some minor Javascript to efficiently check all those checkboxes since there is no "check all") and saving the menu doesn't do anything (they revert back).

However, if I click on the operations button and choose "Reset", it fixes it and it becomes enabled and reappears on the admin toolbar above. I'd like to avoid resetting hundreds of links, but don't any other way to do it.