I have ckeditor and imce installed. It works PERFECT for the very first account created with my drupal installation, but I cannot get the file browser to work for ANY other users.

I created an admin role and checked every single permission. I also went into the ckeditor settings and made sure admin was checked under "basic setup". Under the "file browser settings" I have IMCE selected for everything.

When a user with the admin role tries to upload a file through the ckeditor file browser, they see a page that says "Access Denied. You are not authorized to access this page."

Anybody have any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong here?


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same problem.
looking for a solution.

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I do not see that you mentioned that you gave Role-profile assignments to admin role in the IMCE settings (admin/settings/imce). Also might check that the admin role has permissions for file type you are uploading in the upload settings (admin/settings/uploads)

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That was actually the problem. I overlooked those settings. Thank you!

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Thanks a lot! I had same problem too

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Thank you very much, this is the solution!

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Thankyou so much, it worked and saved my time

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Thanks a lot, This is the solution, it worked and saved my time

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It worked!

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hi guys. great to find this post! have same issue for new site just gone live. however, when trying to amend profile for editor it appears i can not change the default directory when trying to add new profile for editor. the existing directory appears hardcoded for the development site (i.e. sites/develdirectory/files) but i now need to change this to the live site directory (i.e. sites/livesite/files). adding a new profile also does not give option for new directory. any ideas? thanks.

Problem solved! default directory changed through: admin/site configuration/file system/file system path.

However, still have problem of 'editor' being unable to access ('access denied') images when selecting 'browser' from CKEditor in edit mode. I have given user1 permissions in admin/setting/IMCE but still no go. Any ideas? Thanks

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We have another Problem with this combination. A User creates a page an integrates a picture - works fine. If the user wants to edit this Page imce has Problems reading the folder structure an jumps into arbitrary folders an the user gets an Error like this: "An HTTP error 04 occured. /imce?jsop=navigate&dir=." This happens with every browser, except with IE8 and IE9