I have been recently been tasked with the creation of an org chart for a company Web site. I've searched drupal.org to see what was available and found nothing. I could certainly do it as simple as a basic node with ASCII line drawing, or I could create a custom module. What I would like to do first, however, is find out if there is anyone who has done this and find out what creative solutions you came up with.


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Check out freemind module, http://drupal.org/node/40920 Also, search drupal for any freemind discussions.


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Hello, a good resource on organizational charts as a generic guide I found.

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You may want to look at the charts module.

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I have made a module (with a views style plugin) for the google organizational chart
you can visually administer the hierarchy and skins are enabled by hooking.

Where/how do I commit this module?
mentioned here : http://code.google.com/apis/visualization/documentation/gallery/orgchart...

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I'm creating a web site for a nonprofit organization and I've created some nodes (for members) and taxonomy vocabularies to create some organizational hierarchy. I did some views but only with list style.
I'm also looking for a module with a views style plugin as a organizational chart for this and your idea of using the Google's was great.
Are you going to publish the module?

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I need a organigram. have you solved it?


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Hi @drupal_sensei, I am very musch interested in this module. Have you done any progress yet, in posting your module?

Thanks, Shai

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I posted it here
Improvvements are needed though, feel free to improve.

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You may like to check this out:

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Ali Majdzadeh Kohbanani