i really like drupal, but i can't use it in my project.
i need a feature :

each user (not each role ) can manage his OWN/PRIVATE categories


more details :

categorise-per-user ,user's own categories,private categories,...
----- a same feature.
more multiUser blog system,each user can manage his own categories:



my goal is that each user can ADD/DEL/EDIT/VIEW/MANAGE his OWN private category(or tag or term) on his blog(or more), at the same time share the public system category.

1\ ADD my categorys ,not other's;
2\ VIEW my category tree;
3\ DEL or EDIT the special item;
4\ a special user interface for MANAGE(ADD DEL EDIT VIEW) my categorys;
5\ navigation my nodes by my private category,not other's.


i am not a developer,i can't code anything.
but i think it is not difficult to dev this user's category module,it is usefull to extending DRUPAL capacity.
the private category and the system public category together improve user experience to manage their own content.

user's category module featuer require:

1\ ADD category (by AJAX)
2\ DEL (option:del category only,del category and nodes under it)
4\ VIEW all category
5\ while add node,can assign private category and public category
6\ navigation my own category,navigation my nodes by my own category
7\ more

any one can HELP me ???


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'h1' broke the page :(

the big letters :

each user (not each role ) can manage his OWN/PRIVATE categories

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