The page on Dealing with Abandoned Projects ( instructs users to "move the issue to the webmasters queue" if there is no reply to a query about a project's active status. I am looking to do this, but I do not know how to move an issue. Could someone please advise?



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Just change the settings of the issue. There's an autocomplete box for the project that any logged in user can change.


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I too had exactly the same problem, and even with this thread it took me ages to figure out where the field I needed to change was.

At the bottom of the issue request you have a "Post new comment" label with also "Edit issue settings". The issue settings are:
* Issue title
* Project <--- It's this one you need to change
* Component
* Assigned
* Category
* Priority
* Status

Instead of the name of the module where you originally posted the issue, you now need to change that field to have the value " webmasters".

For example, I created the following issue as an issue to the Vchess module:

By changing the above field, it moved it to the Webmasters issues queue.