This has happened to me a couple of times while testing modules:

You disable the module, erase the files and decide to drop the tables created by the module and empty the cache in order to do a clean reinstall of the module.

Only that this time, the module .install file is not executed.
Usually this is not much problem, since you can go in and copy/paste the MySQL code yourself.

But it's inconvenient, and in some modules the .install code is not that clear with conditional statements that check for upgrades, etc.

Is there a table that keeps track of installed modules and prevents the .install file from being ran?
I did find a couple of module related entries on the system table, another one on the sequence table and some in the variable table.

In this case, I was trying to debug some errors with the buddylist module in 4.7. I uninstalled it, dropped the database tables, erased the module, emptied the cache and remove all entries I found from the system, sequence and variable tables.

But when I try to reinstall the module, the .install file code is not executed.

Where should I look for to reset this flag?



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I would really like to see an answer to this question as well.

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Me too. Been having issues with TinyMCE for 4.7, evenyone else seem to have it working fine... my .install doesn't run.

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Yes, same here. (sorry for trolling, but I want to track when the real answer does come)

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Drupal stores some info about themes/modules/theme engines in a table named system. So basically what you need to do in order to make Drupal forget your module is this:
DELETE FROM system WHERE name = 'name_of_your_module' AND type = 'module'

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So if the name of the module in question isn't in the system table, it's safe to assume the .install isn't even inserting to the DB, correct?

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To delete them all, I've run the following query (Drupal 5):

delete  from system where filename like '%ecommerce%' and type ='module';

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don't forget this one:

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My bad, I went ahead and posted a question without properly researching the issue.
The answer is here:

Basically, yes, you have to go to the system table in your MySQL database and remove the record for the module you want to reinstall. For some reason I wasn't finding that record in my case (must likely I was doing a search for "like buddy" and not "contains buddy". When I did search againg for buddylist, I found it, removed it and reinstalling did execute the .install file this time.

I apologize. Although, it seems this will help others get an answer to the same question.


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Might be good to summarize and add an item with a link to the Troubleshooting FAQ

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A reinstall module funtion is available in the devel module block.

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Thank you, whereisian, for that info! It is very helpful!!

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you can also add an uninstall hook with at least one command in your mymodule.install file, such as:

function mymodule_uninstall() {
  drupal_set_message(t('My module is now uninstalled.'));

Disable your module and then go to the uninstall tab at admin/build/modules/uninstall and your module should now show up there.

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