DrupalconThe San Francisco Drupal community is pleased to invite everyone to register for DrupalCon San Francisco to be held at the world-famous Moscone Center April 19th to 21st, 2010. Tickets are currently $195, but may increase in price. Register early to guarantee your place at the premier event of the Drupal community and experience firsthand its energy and momentum. This event is the best place to learn about Drupal 7 and the future of Drupal into 2010 and beyond.

DrupalCon San Francisco will feature three full days of sessions from the best and brightest in the Drupal community and Silicon Valley luminaries. The weekend before the conference we will also be hosting a Core Developer Summit (4/17), a Drupal Sprint and BOF Day (4/18), and professional Drupal training sessions (4/18). The traditional Code Sprint will happen the day after the conference (4/22). More details about the conference events and logistics can be found at http://sf2010.drupal.org.

San Francisco is a world-class city full of wonderful cuisine and culture. As home to Silicon Valley, it is one of the most technologically vibrant areas in the world. There are a lot of interesting things going on here and it is our pleasure to share our city with you and to invite everyone to attend DrupalCon San Francisco next April 19th to 21st, 2010.


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I'm giving away free tickets to DrupalCon SF 2010 over at DrupalModules.com.

We've already given away 4 tickets, and there are still 6 more up for grabs. The next contest starts soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Edit: The contest is now open.

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This will be my first DrupalCon, and I'm very excited.

See you there!

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I'm very excited about this opportunity in DrupalCon... i can't wait any longer to meet the community see u all!

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Looking forward to it! The Drupal community is awesome!

I only wish larger regional (often free) events were promoted on drupal.org, like upcoming January 2010 events: www.drupalsouth.net.nz, www.SandCamp.org. I'm sure there are others.

here are some of 2009 awesome gathering of Drupal geeks: www.Design4Drupal.org, www.DrupalCampLA.com (incl. code and case study on how we did it), www.BADcamp.net, www.pnwdrupalsummit.org, www.seattle.drupal-camp.org, www.victoria.drupal-camp.org, http://drupalperu.org/drupalcamp2, www.drupalcampcolorado.org (including uber camp), www.drupalcampmontreal.com, www.drupalcampdallas.org, www.drupaldelphia.com, www.drupalcampatlanta.com, http://drupalpdx.org, http://drupalcampchicago.org, to name a few ... just hope you didnt miss a local event because it wasn't promoted on drupal.org.

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We will get events onto people's homepage if/when the redesign is further along - especially the dashboard and the widgets for it.

If you'd like to help make that happen there's a big movement under way. You can also see the folks currently working on it.

CARD.com :)

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Hi, I just started to learn Drupal (which I was forced to by my boss, I had to!), the DrupalCon seems to be pretty interesting. The training offered I looked at register are good for newbie like me to "advanced" I assume. But the venue is way too far from my country (Malaysia). I don't think that my colleague and I will able to go there.

By the way, do you offer any training at my country which I maybe can suggest the management at my workplace to send us to your training?

*Most of us are really newbie to Drupal.

Thanks in advance.