Just in case anyone is interested in learning about git and capistrano.
I wrote a short guide. Part I of several other guides on deploying Drupal using git and capistrano:



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yes sorry that is the actual link.

All my new tutorials on Drupal and Rails will be in:


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Here's an update on Capistrano and Drupal:

Useful for those who hate the whole process of downloading data via phpmyadmin or logging into ssh and downloading database and then importing. These kind of tasks take time and should just be done with one command.

Although most of my sites are using Rails or Sinatra, capistrano tasks also work with Drupal or any other CMS or framework in fact.
I just personally like Drupal.

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I presented a session on deploying Drupal sites with Capistrano at DrupalDownUnder 2012 called "Simple and Powerful Drupal Site Deployment with Capistrano". It covers using the capistrano-drupal rubygem and typical workflows for site deployment.



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We maintaining a recipe for Drupal http://antistatique.github.io/capdrupal/ . It support features revert, files push/pull, ... and of course deployment.