The OpenSolaris Community is happy to announce the promotion and posting of the following packages to the OpenSolaris "Contrib" Repository this week:

* drupal6 (currently 6.14)
* drupal5 (currently 5.20)
* acquia-drupal (currently 1.2.16)

Each of these IPS packages can be installed easily into OpenSolaris 2009.06 and later (either running on bare metal, or virtualized in VirtualBox or VMWare):

1) Add the /contrib publisher to your pkg list:
% pfexec pkg set-publisher -O contrib

2) Install the package:
% pfexec pkg install

Note: these three packages depend upon Sun's WebStack AMP stack, and are constructed in such a way as to allow any or all to co-exist on the same machine.

Any questions or comments, drop me a line here or at eric dot reid at sun dot com.