Release info

Created by: drewish
Created on: August 19, 2009 - 21:09
Last updated: August 19, 2009 - 21:10
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--2-0-BETA9:

  • Put theme_imagecache_resize() with the rest of the actions in
  • #447088 by DenRaf: Add more logging during derivative generation to help debugging.
  • Some PHPDoc cleanups.
  • #437098 by drewish and neclimdul: Separate theme function for each formatter style.
  • #387770 by drewish and DamienMcKenna: Fix inconsistent {imagecache_action}.weight schema.
  • #382126 by scronide and ZeroIQ1024: Typo in install requirements.
  • #437098 followup to fix a bug with preset names containing _'s
  • #381726 by dragonwize and drewish: theme_imagecache() classes not created... and some PHPDoc fixes.
  • #451106 by skilip: Add $getsize argument to theme_imagecache().
    Follow up on #381726 and fix a missed bit of the patch.
  • #451732 by drewish: Cleanup imagecache_build_derivative().
  • #447402 by drewish: Not removing derivates for deleted filefield images.
  • #452250 by drewish: Move resize action into
  • Remove commented out code where dopry was working on 403/404 images.
  • #452298 by drewish: Merge preset add/edit forms
  • #452326 by drewish: Merge the action add/edit forms.
  • Small improvements to the INSTALL.txt file.
  • #357569 by smitty/thePanz/drewish: Add support for transliteration in the module.
  • #391258 by lesmana: Wrong description of Scale And Crop action.
  • #461104 by recidive: Trailing '?' in image urls
  • #303419 by ugerhard, brunodbo, drewish: Incorrect exipration headers with private file transfers.
  • Backing out some unrelated changes that were accidentally committed.
  • #518980 by iva2k: imagecache_preset_delete() calls imagecache_preset_flush() with id instead of preset array.
  • #505554 by bdragon: Ensure data field has a value to avoid SQL warnings.
  • #505904 by kscheirer: Private files not protected hook_file_download() check.
  • Fix for SA-CONTRIB-2009-051