i am new to drupal and so far i am loving it. one problem i have not found a solution to is how to manage and customize the header and navigation links. is there a adminstration page for header and navigation links? how would i make a link entitled, "music" and then link it to as you put it, "a page with all these similarly-classified items grouped together (using the taxonomy URL syntax noted above)".

i would like to find, if it exists, or suggest, if it does not exist, a link management panel that allows an administrator to:

- create a header link (permalink) to to a path that "lets me see all the stories that were part of (.../taxonomy/page/...)". for example i could create a link, "Music Reviews" that would goto the path ".../music/reviews" and display all the nodes under the "../music/reviews" taxonomy term.
- disable certain links in the Header Links Class or Navigation links such as the News Feed. I would display some header permalinks in a navigation block and some navigation permalinks in the header links.
- order the links I do want displayed in the header links in a specific order from left to right.
- order the links I do want displayed in the navigation block in a specific order from top to bottom.

does anything like this exist or does someone know how to make it if it does not exist?


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To customize the row of links at the top of the page, edit the array of custom links at the very bottom of conf.php.

To create a perma-link (actually, just a prettier link), use a url alias (enable the path module, then administer/url aliasing). Then you can add the prettier link to the custom array in conf.php.

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Please indicate what directory this file is in

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I am also new to the tool but faced a similar problem. If you use xtemplate as your theme, you can configure the links (primary and secondary) for the site. While this isn't the end-all-be-all solution, it does work.

Set your theme to xtemplate then go to administer >> configuration >> themes >> xtemplate and set the links you want in Primary and/or Secondary.


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I can't find anywhere what url do I use to make changes once I've done the intial setup.

Thanks for any help,