I am interested in user-generated content being able to make use of the feature in tableheader.js (the table header persists at the top of the window as the reader scrolls down through a long table—as seen in various tables on the administration pages).

Other than the table having the sticky-enabled class on the tables in the user-generated content, what is required in the theme to include the tableheader.js on pages when required?

I hoped that I could just refer to it with a scripts[]= line in the theme.info file, but I haven't figured out how to do that since the tableheader.js file isn't within the theme's directory.


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I'm still interested in any advice anyone can offer on using Drupal's tableheader.js in user content.

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If you're still interested, I added this script using drupal_add_js() in the theme's template.php thus:

drupal_add_js('misc/tableheader.js', 'core');

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I did not find any simple way to enable this on arbitrary tables. It appears there is a large amount of additional HTML to attach the "sticky-header" class to a copy of the table header, plus the "sticky-enabled" and "sticky-table" classes to the table, which you would not want to be going in and manually adding to your users' table HTML each time.

However, if I create a new content type with CCK and then go in Views to create a view, I find that if the display format is set to Table rather than unformatted, I magically get this option:
Enable Drupal style "sticky" table headers (Javascript)

You could create an all-purpose "Table" content type and set up a corresponding View, selecting the sticky table header option. Then whenever your content creators want their tables to have sticky headers, they select "Table" in the Create Content options.

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Please explain more in detail what you did to achieve sticky table header by views. Where do I find this option?
I also struggled with views and class "sticky-enabled", but with no avail (compare http://drupal.org/node/1045486).
What I tried is to embed a default-view in an "ordinary" page. File tableheader.js is included, class "sticky-enabled" is assigned to a div surrounding the views table. I also tried to assign the css class to the table by manipulating the html code in firebug. But nothing happens.