I use a Drupal installation 4.6.3 with numerous modules installed and the site is still under testing. Drupal has been installed using Fantastico.

The Search function is not working AT ALL: i.e. for content and for members.

I remember reading somewhere on the forums that fantastico installs give search related issues, but couldn't find it again. Is this true?

Also, how do I fix this now? The site has been customised to some degree now (to my capabilities, which are few), and therefore a re-install using the more traditional method would be near-impossible.

Is there some kind of bugfix available? How do I make the Search function work?



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Lets make a checklist:


  1. Enable 'Search' module in ?q=admin/module
  2. See ?q=admin/settings/search to see how many items are left to index.
    1. If there are some items to index THEN run 'cron.php' from your browser like http://www.server.com/cron.php
  3. Check ?q=admin/settings/search again to see the status of search module.

If this list does not solve your problem then reply with some more details about your installation.

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Thanks a million. Your checklist was super-effective.

I have now employed the poormanscorn module to do the work for me now.

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thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot.. Is there any way to manage that job automatically?

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Thanks, worked perfectly!

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Thank you so much. It's worked.

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Thank you, it's working for me.

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i have follow the procedure which are mention above but its not searching the content.

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What are the necessary tables needed by search to index the site? It may be that I inadvertently deleted some table needed by the search function because I deleted some tables that I thought were not needed by Drupal search. I have the search_index, search_total and search_dataset tables.

Now, after deleting some tables, search is not working anymore - it says 99% of the site is indexed but when I try to search for old venues, the search results are empty. The items I searched are definitely not part of the 1% that is not yet indexed because before I deleted tables, those old nodes appeared in the search results.

I tried to re-index the site. Cron is set up to run every minute with 20 items to index every cron run. However after a short while (probably 5-10 minutes) I check again and it shows that 99% of the site has been indexed already. But old nodes still don't appear in the search results - only new nodes or updated nodes get indexed.

Anyone have any similar experience?

My setup is Drupal 5.7 on LAMP setup


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Thanks for the help.

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thank u.

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Its working for me :)

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Its working for me :)

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Thanks! That worked for me, after fixing various bugs created by my provider's recent updates: