Does anyone have any idea why Views "grouping field" seems to act differently between 2 of my drupal installs?

I have the same version of Views on each, and the exact same view... one displays the grouping field once as a header of each group, but the other just repeats it for each node...

so for example I have a view with "Node: Title" and "Node: Type" as fields... I'm trying to group by Type.

The result i want is:

Foo Nodes
Node 1
Node 2
Node 3
Bar Nodes
Node 4
Node 5
Node 6

...but the install i'm working with just sticks "Foo" or "Bar" above each row instead:


Node 2


I feel like I must be missing something obvious.



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Just realised what was going on... I have the theme developer tool enabled which seems to be modifying the view results!

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Wow. That solved the problem I've been trying to solve for hours! Sneaky trick. No idea how theme developer could be affecting this, but it does. Curious, though, if anyone knows why this happens.

(For the record, this solves the problem I posted here: )

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that worked perfectly: turn off theme devel

you saved me hours of trying to figure why it worked on my demo site versus my live site

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I was running into the same oddity and couldn't figure out why - disabled theme_developer and all is well.

Maybe should be an issue in the theme developer queue?

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Having same problem, but theme developer isn't even installed here...
any other solutions?


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Would like to group by a cck field and then to count the number of nodes that fulfils this criteria.

Ie, I have a node type "report" with a cck field "Status".

Would now like to use views to get a list of statuses and the number of nodes that has this status:

Draft 3 reports
Published 2 reports
Deleted 1 report

Group by does not work.

Use views 3 and it just doesn't work.

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I am using groping field in a jump list like this:

-road name
-road name2
-road name3
-road name
-road name2
Cityname 3
-road name
-and so on..

Citynames may be in swedish or finnish also, and then it breaks the scandinavian characters å, ä and ö like this in the groupIng field: %C3%A4%C3%A4%.. It also puts a slash "/" in font of every field.

Anybody that have any clue why it does this?

// Jonathan

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I cannot make the grouping field work even after disabling theme developer or any devel based module.
I still get the field repeating for every node returned by the query.
I'll take a look at that query to see what is happening, but in the someone else having this issue?

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My problem was a setting for the field used as a grouping one.
It used to be a link and after removing that setting it is working fine.