One requirement I have is the ability to support multiple blogs / user. From what I've seen, it seems that each user can only have a single blog in a Drupal system. Is this correct? Or am I missing something and this capability already exists? It's one aspect of Nucelus CMS that I like, and was hoping to find in Drupal.


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try organizing your blog with taxonomy.

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I am trying to do the same thing. I do not require registration of users. My site is pure reference.

There is only one user, me. I need to list each blog as a seperate item in Navigation pointing to seperate topical blogs.

This taxonomy tree thing just does not seem to do what I want.

--Topic 1 blog
--Topic 2 blog
--Topic 3 blog

This is not what I want. I need to list each seperate blog as it's own item:

Topic 1 blog
Topic 2 blog
Topic 3 blog

How about a step by step tutorial showing new users how to create more than one blog for just the Admin. It appears that I can only have one blog.

I would be thankful for any help in this area.

Mike -

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I understand that this thread is nearly five years old, but it came up in a google search of mine so I think another response is warranted.

If the organization of your blogs is the problem then try the pathauto module. It will allow you to organize the blogs by taxonomy term, instead of just dumping them all under the "blogs" directory.

I hope this helps anyone else who stumbles onto this page.

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I have the same problem.. does anybody know a solution??

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I solved with taxonomy access control

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try listening after your question has been answered, new to drupal?