I have a site with a photos module (which I also cant find in the module folder myself!!!) and every time I post and upload photos it gives the following info:

adminPublished in 02/25/2009 - 15:01A total of 64 images

How do I remove this option?

p.s.> I had another person build the site, im wondering if they changed the module name.


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Go to "admin/build/themes/settings/global" and in "Display post information on", you can disable "the submitted by Username" in your different "post"

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that didnt work. I have disabled all however my photo gallery still displays it.

Is it because the photo gallery is a seperate module? The dates do not show on all other nodes except for the photo section.

When I click on Admin/ Album Photos I can click on Edit and under the "Authoring information" I can change the date or Submitted by: section.

But I dont want to change it I want to completely remove it!

What am I doing wrong? Please help I have spent hours trying to figure this out.

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I thought you use "Image" module? If not, which exact module you use (a link pls)

In image module;
go to "admin/settings/image/image_gallery"
In my "Image Gallery" I have disablet "Display node info" so I don't have any ifo with my pictures. (Checking this will display the "Posted by" node information on the gallery pages.)

This is only for sorting and will not display any info

Image display sort order:
Create date, newest first
Create date, oldest first
File name
Image titl

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this is wrapped in a div class=meta so, in css you can do this

display: none;

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Which css file you refer to here? In the template?

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I use the DFGallery and the Photo gallery (although for some reason I dont see the module on the server, someone else built the site)

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also I dont see it in the CSS. Which one are you referring to?

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I've not used these 2 modules myselves. Are making a new site where I can test them out. Give me a couple of days ..
Could you send me a link to your page, possibly via PM ?

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Edith comment:
Now I tested a little. Go to "admin / build / themes / settings" and in "Display post information on", you can disable the submitted by User Name " in "Album". This work for me in the "frontpage"

But you can see at "photos/tpl/xxx where you can change what to "print" on screen for different view. (photos, teaser, album, eg.)
In "photos_albumlist.tpl.php" you have this (Look after 'what's between these characters' and remove it. take back-up of the files first, or have the originalfiles ready for upload ;-]

<div class="photos-album">
	<?php if($node->album['url']){
		print '<div class="album-left"><img src="'.$node->album['url'].'"></div><div class="album-right">';
	<h2><?php print $node->titlelink;?></h2>
	<div class="photos-meta"><?php print theme('username', $node);?><span class="photos-time"><?php print t('Published in ').$node->time;?></span><span class="photos-imgnum"></span><?php print t('A total of %num images',array('%num' => $node->album['count']));?></div>
	<?php print $node->teaser;?>
	<?php if($node->album['url']){ print '</div>';}?>
	<div class="photos-editmenu"><?php print $node->albumlink;?></div>

Se here also: http://drupal.org/project/issues/photos?categories=All
I hope this was litle more to help for you.
It was a nice module(s) and I would certainly consider using these solutions to my pages
At last: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L07BktmwJhk
I hope this are right modules ;-}

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youre great! thanks a lot.... It worked! :)

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Ok. Just when I fixed that problem I created another. I updated my Drupal to version 6.13 and with that I updated the Photos Module.
I did everything mentioned above and the only pages that show the following:
Uploaded on 02/28/2009 - 18:49 by admin 350 visits Login to post comments
are the example.com/photos/album/ pages similar to example.com/photos/album/234

Now what do I do? how I can I removed that link off the site?

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display: none;
to .search-info in the search.css of the theme and it worked great..