Hi all,

I've read up on the getting started documentation with Drupal, and it's both intriguing and intimidating. I'm finding myself at a crossroads, and am hoping that you of the forums can provide some insight

I'm trying to create a simple "brochure" site, meaning no interactivity is necessary, just static info and some flash. However, I need the text and images to be fully updatable at any time, hence the exploring of Drupal and Wordpress.

So the million dollar question is- with limited php experience and decent CSS know-how, which service would you guys suggest? Did I mention I have to have a beta site ready by the end of the week? Yeah. Suck.

In terms of text, Wordpress seems to only be able to update the center column where blog posts go. However it's very user friendly to people with my limited programming knowledge.

The one thing I'm worried about with Drupal is the steep learning curve, and my limited time.

Here is a link to the homepage wireframe. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!




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With a simple site like that and a 1 week time frame you're probably better off with wordpress or joomla.

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I second WorldFallz.
If you have not much use for all the functionality drupal offers, you will be better of not spending your limited time to learn drupal. Wordpress, Jhoomla or even a static plan HTML site may be?

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I don't agree.. as he needs to update text and images frequently. He has to use a cms system, due to time constraint the wordpress will be good for him.