Issues in Contributed Modules

Last updated on
17 August 2016

Accessibility issues aren't simple and are based on an evolving standard. This is a list of reported issues that will help to improve the accessibility of Drupal sites using these modules and themes. This is not a comprehensive list and will change over time. For lists of Drupal core accessibility issues.

For more general discussions about Drupal accessibility, see the Accessibility Group and related Documentation.


Administration menu

#345178: IE7: Offset between browser viewport and menu in themes with body { position: relative }


#373356: Improving Semantics for Calendar Views to Improve Accessibility
#378220: Move Calendar navigation into attachment?


#423710: More accessible date navigation

Embedded Media Field

#293782: Support for


#163418: Accessibility for blind people

External links filter

#371546: Icon mispositioned in IE6/7.

Gotcha - Contact Spam Catcher

#292165: gotcha for D6

Image Assist

#299830: Optional image caption
#393152: Images require alt text; don't always want captions


#193887: Accessibility enhancements
#331713: Increase maximum length of title and alt attributes


#370048: Option to force alt tag or at least remind to populate alt tag

JQuery menu

#411194: Accessibility

JQuery Update

#355426: Fieldset '#collapsed' => TRUE Bug? w/ fix


#335281: Feature to add the "title" attribute to anchors

Media Player

#407746: Improve the accessibility of the Flash player for screen reader users


#340998: package = Views, 1 kitten (php notice), and accessibility

SWF Tools

#347496: Degrade nicely if no javascript
#414708: controls are not accessible with a keyboard

Theme Settings

#148790: Token support (bonus: accessibility improvement)


#401574: alt & title defaults for product images
#286933: Parts of interface don't work without JavaScript


#183592: Small table accessibility improvement

Vote Up/Down

#815984: Make widgets readable by screen readers
#816776: better colours for plain, alternate and upanddown widgets

Wysiwyg API

#424844: Accesskeys in tinymce don't work


#436270: Accessibility


#436256: Most accessible configuration


Themes who have taken the accessibility pledge for Drupal 7 (D7AX)

A number of themes have taken the accessibility pledge for Drupal 7, as described in this page:

  1. Zen
  2. Pixture Reloaded
  3. Genesis
  4. AdaptiveTheme
  5. Newswire
  6. Corolla
  7. Omega (960 Grid System)
  8. Dark Blue
  9. Tarski
  10. Typebased
  11. ... The full list of modules & themes is available via Solr

Some issues you can help resolve:

#1503102: Not accessible to keyboard only users Omega

Other themes

(The name of the theme is after the issue number.)
#342540: Theme Accessibility B7
#342537: Theme Accessibility Burnt
#342535: Theme Accessibility Channel Nine
#342534: Theme Accessibility Contented7
#343826: Yea - XHTML 1.0 Strict & CSS 2.1 Complaint CWS Theme
#342541: Thanks CWS Theme
#343828: CSS validation Deco
#274463: IE6 Flexible
#273332: icon path; box margin difficulty; box top misalignment difficulty Flexible
#343831: Yea - XHTML 1.0 Strict Green-n-Black
#342531: Theme Accessibility K2
#342528: Theme Accessibility NoProb
#342524: Theme Accessibility Sharepoint-like Theme
#342522: Theme Accessibility Slash
#342512: Theme Accessibility SpreadFox
#343842: Almost Validates TerraFirma Theme



#202426: Evaluate Drupal and its core themes from a web accessibility perspective.


#52588: access keys for primary and secondary links