I want to contribute this module to the community. I've been very impressed with the Drupal architecture and how easy is to write modules to it.

This module lets you move your Xoops site to Drupal. It moves your users, forum (newbb) and tinycontent. I'll add other modules as I need like news, mantis and xoopsgallery.

To use it go to the settings > xoops and configure the xoops db connection settings.

Then go to the xoops migration link under administration. There is a link for moving users, forum posts and tinycontent.

The code is not the most efficient but it gets the job done, at least for me. Right now I don't have much time to clean it up.

Here is the module:



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I added support to move the news module into story nodes.

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There is an error with require_once("DB.php");

Where is DB.php?

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Make sure you have PEAR DB installed.

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How can we find the link to the latest version which can also transfer the news module?

Also, I have a site where all my news have pictures. Is there a way to also transfer the pictures, or will it just be text?


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I apparently don't have that... and I'm on a shared hosting environment...

Any way of making this work without pear DB requirement?

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You can just copy the PEAR packages into your own directory and set the proper include paths.



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In the version I downloaded there is no support for the news module as far as I can see.

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Great module - just what I need. However, I am trying to migrate to drupal 4.7.x and the form_textfield function is no longer supported. It is also no longer in the legacy module.

Could somebody tell me how to update those functions to the new API?

I found the forum updater module and fixed the code.
However, now I have a whole bunch of other problems - I think it is because I am trying to migrate from xoops 2.2.x rather than from 2.0.x. oh well...


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juancr -

Which Drupal and Xoops versions did you write this module for? I am trying to migrate from Xoops to Drupal 4.7 beta 4. Any immediate suggestions for modifiying the script for use with my environment?

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This was written for Xoops 2.0.13 and Drupal 4.6.5

I'm writing a mantis to project migration but I'm not too impress with the project module. I'm wondering if it's better to integrate Mantis with Drupal.

Also, how do I get email notifications when someone replies?

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what about xoops 2.2 to drupal cvs? highly needed..

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I'm done migrating my site so I'm not going to keep working on this module :(

But you are more than welcome to pick it up and make it work on 2.2

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I added support for Mantis->Project as well. It does not convert the projects yet so it default all bugs to a particular project.

Also I added a table for the module. This table handles redirections from your old xoops site.

This is important so you don't loose your xoops links. All you have to put is to drop an .htaccess file into your xoops directory. It will redirect to your Drupal to the appropiate node.

Any chance we can put this module into Drupal CVS?

Here it is:




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I would be very interested in offering any assistance I can in integrating mantis with drupal. Let me know if that is still something you are looking at presuing. It looks like a big task, but as the saying goes, two heads are better then one.


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Keeping the good spirit of the Drupal culture, I decided to move Mantis to Project. In my case, I'm not doing anything too complicated. I'm not sure what are the plans for Project but if I need some functionality, I'll add it to Project and contribute it to the community.

If Project is good for you, try out my migration module. One catch, you need to hard code the project id. No project list import since I just have one project: VS.Php (http://www.jcxsoftware.com/vs.php)


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Hi Trevor

I am very much interested in the integration of Mantis with Drupal. Can you help. I am running Drupal 5 on my server.

Please let me know asap.



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I ended up not using this module as I wanted to move to Drupal 4.7. Instead I did it the hard way using direct SQL queries. I wrote up some notes in the handbook:


Feel free to edit this page as it is far from complete. I should have just modified this module to run with 4.7 but my PHP isn't good enough. :(

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I've not tested this, but you could have converted over to 4.6 then upgraded to 4.7 in the normal way...

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Anyone had success at converting from XOOPS 2.2 to Drupal 4.7 using this module? Or from any version of XOOPS to either version of Drupal?

I am looking to migrate my site to Drupal which currently runs XOOPS 2.2.3.

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I would like to switch over to Drupal from Xoops but I'm running 2.0.15. Is there anyone had success doing this switch?? Also can someone point me to a forum with the step by step of doing so?!?!



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This topic hasn't been active for a while so I thought I'd give it a bump. I'd really like to migrate my Xoops 2.2.5 site to Drupal 5.2

If anyone is working on this right now and having some success please post how you did it.

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[Script] Convert Xoops 2.2.X to Drupal 5.X

Marco Sousa

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Thank you! I will try this out! I'll keep you posted


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...to Drupal 5.3?

Can somebody help me here?

Warm regards from sunny México!

Warm regards from sunny México!

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Can somebody help my with this??

I search for a module to migrate xopps 2.0.17 into drupal 6.1...

thanks in advance...