Hey Everyone-

I just finished programming a drupal for iphone app using Services. Here's a screenshot... Drupal for iPhone App

I found this post from a drupalite, Owen, at http://www.zivtech.com/blog/simplest-drupal-iphone-app
and developed it further so users have to authenticate and use sessid, and login, and logout.

I'll post the source once I get it cleaned up a little bit.


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Very interested in your project. Have you made any more progress since you last posted?
I would also love to find out how easy it would be to add a feature that allows to upload file attachments to the Drupal Node?

Would also greatly appreciate any pointers from other developers/readers.

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I am trying to do the same thing using views DATASOURCE. I have it working except that I am trying to get IMAGECHACHE URL fields to display in the view. I can get ti to work in a normal PAGE VIEW, but as soon as I add an XML view, I loose the IMAGECACHE URL's.

I think a group should be setup about this.

Doing Native iPHONE, ANDROID, Titanium, node.js and DRUPAL. as a contractor.

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We have just released a new web app built with Drupal and optimized for IPhones and IPod touch. The idea is simple : users can win free ITunes gift cards and other gifts simply by answering on-line surveys from their mobile devices.

The URL is http://www.mobipolls.com

Press release : http://bit.ly/info/cK22j4

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It might be interesting if there was a way to upload a CCK node including audio or video shot from the iPhone. Maybe a tall order as I'm only just learning drupal, but I think this might be one of the more popular requests for iPhone use. Glad to see this is happening!

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I am just looking for a simple way for mobile users to post to my Drupal site using

CCK Text Field
CCK Date
Upload Pix or a short video message.

Can this help?

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I think if you're looking for easy simple way for mobile users. Go with the mobile theme and just format the theme to work well on smartphones.

To make a drupal iphone app. Check out my blog... http://schaeferinteractive.blogspot.com
and the comments. Peter posted his sample code based on some of my ideas.

I was able to do the CCK fields without a problem. I was also able to figure out how to upload a pic (or video).


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will check it out. Love the iPad stand :)

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JoomlArt just released a free Drupal theme called JD Purity, and it comes with a mobile version. You should check it out.

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