When uploading, Yahoo server says .htaccess is an invalid file name. What is the problem? Sorry, I am a newbie.

Without .htaccess, I tried everything (creating database etc) and all seem to be OK, but in the end, it turned out to be a blank home page.

Any help is appreciated!


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I know the . at the beginning of a filename usually means the file is a hidden file. Try remaming the file htaccess without the dot, then upload it and once its on the server, rename it back to .htaccess.

If that doesn't work, try uploading the server using a standalone FTP Client like SmartFTP or SSH

Hope this helps!

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I tried with both methods, unsuccessful. But I have managed to make the homepage show up. It was database problem. Thanks anyway!

Also see this: http://drupal.org/node/36095

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This is useful, thanks!

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I switchted away from Yahoo a while back. One of the reasons was that they did not support .htaccess (at least for my package).
I did not want to pay for the higher end packages.
It took me a while to get one of them to admit that they don't support it. The support people you get on the phone are usually not aware of .htaccess and what it is good for.



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Hye Druplers,

Currently I work with a project for mod_rewrite to form the url search engine optimization(SEO) friendly.I use the PHP 4.x and Apache 1.x. As we know that for mod_rewrite we need to define some RewriteRule and RewriteCond in .htaccess file.

I surf a billions of forums and threads and then I come to know that Yahoo Small Business doesn't permit its user to create the .htaccess file. I renamed that .htaccess file and uploaded there and then I tried that file to rename again to .htacess file. But it fails.

So can anyone tell me what could be the alternative solution?

Thanks in advance..


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Hi dear be aware from yahoo service.

once you purchase yahoo service the you can't rewrite your site url and this is very bad for your business

I strongly Recommend don't buy yahoo hosting service. I have hosted one site and
I am unable to upload .htaccess file so we are going to move our site to another web server.

thank you so much all