Drupal 8th BirthdayEight years ago today Drupal 1.0.0 was released. It's been a big year for Drupal, another big release with Drupal 6, a lot of awards, and a lot of recognition. The project has had some notable departures, promotions, and the addition of many great contributors and users. Happy Birthday to the Drupal project and its amazing community.


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Keep on rocking!!!!!!!!

Wonder what will happen when you are grown up (18 years old), ohhhh my god!!!

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And the maturity does show in the code. I love the D6 and how we are approaching the D7 version of the software.

- Victor
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The great thing is, D7 is taking its time to fully mature before release. The sad thing is, I wish we were at D8 so we can all celebrate birthdays easier ;)

Great job to all involved. Up up and away!

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Wow, eight alread?!Another birthday to celebrate, great work everyone!


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Happy Birthday Drupal!

In last 2 years you become a good source of profit in our business!

Thank you!

With best regards,
Dmitry Yeskin
President of Web Style Media, LLC
Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising Agency

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Happy Birthday Drupal!Happy Birthday Drupal!Happy Birthday Drupal!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Great news!

Congratulations to everyone who has been involved with the project over the 8 years!!

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I've never sung happy birthday to a piece of software before, but you deserve it and more. Without Drupal, I'd have dropped out of website building and perhaps the IT industry altogether three years ago.

So, come on over to my place for some cake and ice cream. I'll hire a clown and everything!


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回想一下我已经做drupal开发1年了 可惜现在还没有自己的贡献模块,和主题. 盼望牛年可以有突破

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Blog to it:http://blog.to.it/k5angle

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Wishing all the best for drupal and all drupal community from Thailand.
Keep it going.

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Happy Birthday Drupal !!!
Congratulations to Drupal community and to Dries.

It's amazing what one great community can create in eight years.
Drupal Theme Garden

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Congratulations to all of you-end users,drupal community and organization.

Hope to see more of DRUPAL..
Will be in our prayers....

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Subj. From our community at www.drupal.ru

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Thanks you guys for making a really good software!

Drupal really Rox! @=]

Best Regards from Brazil,

Luiz Gustavo Aleagi Nunes `°º¤ø,¸¸,
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Happy birthday to well wishers, community and Drupalicon :).

Yashesh Bhatia

Yashesh Bhatia

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happy birthday drupal........!!!!!! wish u all the best!!!!

keep it going bro...

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I'd love to see some of the founders (or Dries) write a short post on Drupal's history and development. Where did the ideas come from? Where did the node thing arise? Multi-blog site abilities......etc......

Lets have some "this is where Drupal came from" discussion.


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You've made me smile when no one was there to
You made me laugh when I didn't want to
You gave me what money could not buy
You gave me light when I was in my darkest

You've made me know that it doesn't cost a thing to have the best in the world

That's why on your special day I'm happy to be around to say

Happy Birthday

Frank Edwin | steve ababio

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Drupal rocks!!

Happy Birthday Drupal !
Congratulations to all community

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Warm regards from sunny México!

Warm regards from sunny México!

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Congratulation all the contributors, users and visitors of GR88888888888 drupal.

Thanks & Regards: Tanzeel ghumman

Thank you,

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All I can say for each year in 8 languages I know, that

1.Happy Birthday
2. Grattis på födelsedagen
تولدت مبارك3 .
ڕۆژی له‌دایك بونت پیرۆز بێت4.
5. Zarújhit píroz
6. Gratulerer med dagen!
7. Rojbuna te piroz be!
8. Feliz Cumplea–os!

"We must become the change we want to see" [quote: Mahatma Gandhi]

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And by the way, a small correction:
3. عيد ميلاد سعيد

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it almost made me cry to see you didn't add Dutch :(

9. Gelukkige verjaardag!

feel like I should bake a cake and send it to Dries :x

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10. Feliç aniversari!

Doubt is the beginning, not the end of wisdom.

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Dr Dries Buytaert
Thanks you for making a really good software!

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Happy birhtday No 8 and we hope many more years.

Thanks for exist

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Happy Birthday Drupal!

From India!

Technology Head - Drupal Competency Center
Netlink Technologies Ltd.

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Happy 8niversary Drupal!

It should be Happy Drupal Day!

It's about Drupal, it's about the community!

Congratulations everyone in the community and everyone using Drupal!

Best regards,

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So, is there any chance of us mortals ever being able to try out "historical" versions of Drupal... if only for fun?

The earliest I could find is 4.5.0.

- Corey

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Happy birthday!

I found this link with a working link to the Drupal 3.0 download: http://web.archive.org/web/20011214140315/www.drop.org/node.php?id=411 in a discussion of Drupal 1.0 (http://drupal.org/node/216092)

We aim towards easy installation, excessive configuration and fine-grained maintenance capabilities.

I'd love to find Drupal 1.0 somewhere...

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CVS http://cvs.drupal.org/viewvc.py/drupal/drupal/ seems to go back to May 18, 2000, but the first tagged release appears to be 3.0.0. If you have a CVS client and can figure out the dates/revisions from CHANGELOG.txt you might be able to reconstruct any version. This is a great timeline: http://drupal.org/files/issues/Drupal%20Release%20Timeline.png


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Here is the tarball from May 18, 2000 (actually this is well before Drupal 1.0 was released):

I found the link to it in this forum post:

Be careful, though -- the tarball unpacks all its files in the current working directory, so you might want to create a temporary folder for it and move the tarball there before unpacking it.

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wow! I gotta take a look!

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Hey there Drupal, you cool Capricorn...
We love you and many happy returns!!!

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Happy birthday....
Happy birthday....
Happy birthday....

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Happy Birthday Drupal!

From the Norwegian community
Drupal Norge
hvor oversettere, brukere, utviklere og leverandører av Drupal i Norge samles

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Happy birthday!

What a timing. I just posted a "Drupal Release Timeline" on my blog yesterday.
It's been submitted it to doc issue queue #114846: Drupal release timeline

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Happy Birthday from Sunny Spain, I'm happy I found Drupal!

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Happy Birthday Drupal !

Chúc Mừng Sinh Nhật !

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Best wishes and may you grow to be toothless but full on knowledge and history making


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Happy Birthday from all of the Drupalers in California!!!

Deborah Fuzetto

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Happy birthday Drupal! Where is the birthday cake :)
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Happy birthday Drupal, the best CMS open source. Thanks for all share n love

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Cumpleañoz Feliz a Drupal que nos acoge con tanto cariño.
Gracias Drupal y los Best Wishes :D

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I too love Drupal.

And it's not because I am one of many whos name sounds so close to it.

Drupal is Drew's pal!

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congrats Drupal... best wishes for another 8 years! :)

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Happy birthday Drupal and happy long liife to you!

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Happy Birthday Drupal


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Happy biirthday!!!!

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Cheers for Drupal!

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Happy birthday Drupal. Amazing, the progress.

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Happy birthday! I wish you every success!

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Congrtulation from Thailand.
ยินดีด้วยสำหรับการครบรอบปีที่ 8


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A few more years (10!!!!) and our child will be an adult!!!!!
This is great!!!! Happy birthday my child!!!!

David Oster aka George Pasparakis

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I'm almost 8 years with Drupal and yet quite happy with it. Kudos and congrats to Drupal and Drupal community!!!

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Just noticed there was no french yet :)

Joyeux anniversaire Drupal !

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fr: www.couzinhub.com

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Belated Birthday Wishes to you Drupal !!!

Walking the Path

Sateesh Nutulapati
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Drupal ku Janmadina Subhakankshalu !!!

Telugu, for those who don't know, is a South Indian language which is my mother tongue :-)

Walking the Path

Sateesh Nutulapati
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Happy Birthday Drupal!
Keep on rocking!!!!!!!!!

With Best Regards,

Amit Shah
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Congratulations to all end users, drupal community and organization. Wish you all the best.

Jafar Soddik


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Keep it up, D.

May this achievement inspire others. ^_^

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Thy beauty, size, and years, and wit; 
No age could furnish out a pair

A very, very happy and prosperous Bday !!

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Long life Drupal!

A very happy birthday. Greetings!

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happy birthday drupal :)


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happy birthday... for the best

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I just use drupal for the past few month and I found that this is the best CMS I've ever known
Thank you for everyone!. Congratulation and Happy Birthday to you!

Developer of www.raybachtiar.com

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... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! You made history. =]

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Happy Birthday Drupal, hope you win two category again in 2009 Open Source CMS Award

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Truly amazing. Thanks to the community of developers here. There's really been a lot of change since I started using Drupal 3 years ago. Congrats!

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I hope this year will bring more bright events and we will be really happy using Drupal.


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We wish drupal a very happy birthday,
with every year, the drupal community is getting bigger and bigger,
its a win win for all.

Prachait Saxena,
For EOT Infotech

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Happy Birthday from me too!

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Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Drupal.
Birthdays are never complete without wishes from near and dear ones.

With Best Wishes from all the members of Solution Point :

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Happy Birthday Drupal! You are now old enough for the 3rd grade, which means you'll be learning fractions (oh my!). Perhaps the next release will be 7 1/2 instead of 7.5 :)

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happy birthday drupal !
you are now 10 years old , and you have a new amazing children : Drupal 7 which will become someday the most popular cms on the internet

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All the very best for the days to come,
Sincere wishes