Hi All,

I just would like to ask how do i add a dhtml date picker on my webforms?
Thank you.



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I never use Webforms but familiar with CCK module. CCK has additional module called Date. You may give it a tray.

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Yes but it is not a calender popup.


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Go to administer-site building-modules:

Look at Date module, there is an option to enable it in:
"Enables jquery popup calendars and time entry widgets for selecting dates and times."

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"Enables jquery popup calendars and time entry widgets for selecting dates and times."

can't find this option

i have drupal 6, webform, date and calendar modul installed


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You need to set the content type of the date field to be "Text Field with Date Popup calender".

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I have CCK field Date and set widget type as "Text Field with Date Pop-up calendar". In site configuration I have configured Date Popup if following way:
Datepicker css: jQuery UI default
Timepicker: Use default jQuery timepicker

When I click on the field popup doesn't appear and I get JavaScript error "$(this).datepicker is not a function". Using FireBug I found place where the error occurs:
13 case 'datepicker':
14 $(this)
15 .datepicker(datePopup.settings)
16 .addClass('date-popup-init')
17 .focus();
18 break;

It's file drupal/modules/date/date_popup/date_popup.js. So in line 15 the error occurs.
I have Drupal core 6.19, CCK 2.8, Date 2.6, jQuery 1.4.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.5

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not sure if you've tried this yet, but in my case, I was theming a particular view output.

With the jQuery UI module enabled, you need to manually include the jQuery UI scripts, that you want to use on your particular page. in the case of datepicker, you need a small piece of PHP that looks like the following:


best of luck!