Hi, I've writen a new module. Please check it out :)

signature.module (tested with Drupal 4.6.2)

1. Makes user signatures dynamical, that is, if user change his signature in his profile, after each of his/her posts will be new a new one signature.

2. Shows signatures not only after comments, but also after nodes.

3. Allows define content types (and at once comments for them) where signatures should be seen and where not.

4. Usability benefits - 'cause each time user adds a comment, he/she don't have to pull down signature to the end of his/her comment.

5. Comments are styled another way than the post itself, and it's customizable from 'administer->settings->signature'.

Since function of displaying signatures is hardcoded into comment.module, that module needs to ba patched, to pull out this functionality to external module. There is a file with explanations how to patch, and already patched 'comment.module' from Drupal 4.6.3.

If you're intrested - you can get it here: www.ultraboy.by.ru/signature-4.6.0.zip .

It's seems to work good, but inside not everything is nice - I'm working on fixing that.

Your feedback is appreciated.


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another link: http://drupal.org/files/issues/signature-4.6.0.zip
(yeah, I finaly managed to upload it to drupal.org! LOL)

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Great addition to the Modules, Ultraboy!!

I have tested it and it works great, a really good path towards a better user comments addition.

I have tested it out with images also.. i'll have to test it with normal user images, to see if it works out ;)

Thanks again!

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Haha... :D
You rocks!

It is just what I want.
Millions of thanks.

And you are also thoughtful enough to make the patched version of comments.module, saving our time & headaches to patch by ourselves.

Keep up your good work!

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thank you guys, but almost 3 days passed and seems that not much people require this feature. I don't think that they will patch the core merely for us 3. :(

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You may not get your patch in this time around, but there is always next time. Also have you posted an issue/feature request with a patch per the contrbutors guide for others to review? If you do, then it is more likely that others will see and review it.

Understand, if you make a convincing argument and get peer review and testing of your patch, keep it in sync with the current CVS, then you are more likely to be successful in getting it in.

Good luck.

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Ok, thanks for information. I'd also like to see how many people have downloaded it...

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Thank you, thank you.

This is a huge step in bringing Drupal forums up to par.

Installed & works great.

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You should also include standard patch format so it is easy to patch comments.module. Then if that fails for some reason, then they could use your howto to figure out what needs to be done (even though diff -u output is usually easy enough to read)

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I'm running windows...

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diff -u comment.module comment.module.modified>comment.module.patch

or something like that should do. If you look around you could probably find a GNU Diff compatible visual diff tool...

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Great hack... thanks, will give it a try.

Just wondering, does this module add an additional query to the user table, just for signatures ?


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how can i make this module function with phptemplate?


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As far as I remember, there no any differences which template engine to use. Why do you think it isn't working?

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eh.. because it doesn't work for me? maybe i am just too stupid, sry

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I wish there were a way to turn it on for ALL comments everywhere and then pick a select few nodes on which to display signatures. This is a big step in the right direction for Drupal. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you. You mean, some _node types_ ? Or, nevertheless, nodes?

Anyway, both variants can be implemented, it's not a rocket science. But unfortunately, I don't see much interest of the community to this module. Maybe, when I'll start my own site, I'll do add more features, and there will be more people who will show some interest.

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I meant node types. Sorry!

I really need that feature. Like, badly. Could you at least point me in the right direction? I'm not that experienced with MySQL or PHP, but it would be better for me to at least try than to leave it as is.

Thank you.

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I solved it on my own.

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Nice work. It's a lot easier when the signature isn't pre-stuck into the text area :)

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Will you make a version for the drupal cvs version ?


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Well, yes - if somebody needs it. :) (may be in a week or two)

And, it would be great if anybody could send me distributive of a good patching tool for windows... I can give my e-mail then.

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For Windows, I use Eclipse 3.1 CVS system and phpeclipse. It can download the CVS distros from drupal for instance, and it can create and apply patch too.

That is the only easy tool for patchs I found. Many windows users use cygwin to be able to use the linux tool patchs.

And yes, I need the signature module for drupal cvs :)

Perhaps you could try having your module somewhere in the drupal module cvs system, so we could post issues about it there

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Well, I'd like to have it in CVS, but unfortunately, I don't have access there.

Also, I have Eclipse; I'll try using it for patches thanx for info. For this module I need to make a patch-file, and I beleive it should be UNIX-compatible.

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CSV-version is still delayed... The reason is I'm very busy right now. I beleive I'll have some free time and do the work in next two weeks.

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Nice work. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

Mike of Sighing Sage

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+1 for this in drupal core.

One problem I see is that, older comments on sites will have double signatures, if the signature was there before. Not a huge problem though.

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does this work with Drupal 4.7?

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Not yet. Coming soon.

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I'd be interested in this as well. I just upgraded my drupal install to 4.7 and really like this mod.

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?


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Yeah, you're right. Well, tomorrow you'll get it. I promise.
It's a longtail.

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It's ready. Get it here: http://drupal.org/node/64670

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I think there is a problem with this wonderful module. The signature is always in html format. So if I write an article with an other input format, such as bbcode, with html disabled, the signature modules put the br tag at the end of everyline, even if I have no br in my signature.

Perhaps the module should take the signature as it is, and should not try to change it to add new lines char?

Or perhaps I'm wrong, I don't know how works the module...

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Noo, it shouldn't be so! Did you remove br's from the template? under "administer/signature"

But the module still needs some work, input formats should be connected somehow.
It's a longtail.

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Yes I removed the br from the template, but it adds br even when there are not. In fact a every new line in my signature it adds the br tag.