TurnKey Linux recently released a public beta of the TurnKey Drupal 5, a lightweight, installable Live CD of the Drupal 5.x CMS, built on Ubuntu.

TurnKey Linux is a new opensource project that aims to develop high-quality software appliances that are easy to deploy, easy to use and free. The project's motto is "everything that can be easy, should be easy" and basically the goal is to try and make Ubuntu easier to use for certain types of (mostly server) tasks.

As described on our website:

  • Based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 (hardy LTS).
  • Minimal footprint (typically around 150MB) - each appliance is
    carefully built from the ground up with the minimum components needed
    to serve its role with maximum efficiency and security.
  • Packaged as an installable Live CD (I.e., bootable ISO) that can run
    on real hardware in addition to most types of virtual machines.


Taxoman’s picture

I am looking for where to get hold of that ancient ISO image (specifically with the Drupal 5.x version), which is now removed from sourceforge.net, where turnkeylinux is storing their images.

1. Anyone who knows an alternative location?
2. And/or: what is the MD5 checksum for that original ISO file?
(in case someone offers to provide a copy, I would like to be able to check if it is the "untouched" original")