I'm just in the early stages of setting up a new multi lingual site which all seems to be going OK, thankfully - see http://www.niigata-nishikigoi.com/

I don't really want to have the links to translated pages appearing all over the place, there is after all the links language switcher block.

Can anyone tell me where to remove the code that displays those links?




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Hi Mark,

I faced the same issue as you.
Have you read another discussion on this topic (http://drupal.org/node/275705#comment-1030619).
It doesn't work for me, though.
But who knows, it'll work for you.

Thank you.

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I've been somewhat distracted on other project since first posting so haven't tried anymore.

Thanks for the link, i'll give that a go.

Much appreciated.


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Facing this very annoying behavior as of Drupal v6.4 and in a hurry on a production site, I got ride of it by a slight hack (not recommended by the Drupal gurus because of core change).

For the ones really needing it, in
, look for the line: function translation_link($type, $node = NULL, $teaser = FALSE) { and insert right after (1st line of function) the following line of code: return array(); // #PATCH

You should end up with:

function translation_link($type, $node = NULL, $teaser = FALSE) {
  return array(); // #PATCH
  $links = array();
  … (rest of function)

Hope that helps :)

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Thanks, just got round to revisiting this.

All other suggestions failed to work, this one worked perfectly!