YAML Form 1.x is becoming an alternative to Webforms 4.x which has not been ported to Drupal 8.

The YAML Form module's UI is based off the Webform module but the YAML Form's underlying API architecture was built from scratch. About 80-90% of the Webform's base features and functionality has been ported to the YAML Form module.

Proposed resolution

Document any Webform 4.x features currently missing from the YAML Form module and decide what needs to implemented.

Missing Features


  • Track anonymous users by cookie and IP
  • Limit anonymous submission by cookie and/or IP
  • Submission limits within time period.

Conditional Logic

  • Server side conditional logic.
  • Conditional hiding and showing of Wizard pages.


  • Exporting results to MS Excel.
  • Analysis


  • Email templates


  • Views integration


  • This ticket is solely intended to collect the list of missing Webform features.
  • If a missing feature is going to be implemented, it will be handled using a new ticket.


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What about prepopulate fields through URL?

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@biarr This feature is available under 'Form Settings' and is labeled "Allow elements to be populated using query string parameters."

The Webform trick of using [current-page:query:?] token in an element's default value is also supported.

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That's great! Seems I missed that feature.

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Project: YAML Form » Webform
Version: 8.x-1.x-dev » 8.x-5.x-dev
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Hidden values in Webform 4.x had a Hidden Type. Secure Value could be selected to prevent tampering with hidden values.

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@whizzkid You can now use the value element to create a internal and secure value.

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Is this list still maintained?

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Somewhat. The Roadmap is up-to-date .