I can appreciate and understand why you decided on using a template for the submissions vs views.

But with Views in Core and most people who are site builders are very familiar with views.

It would be very beneficial if I could just edit the view to show the data I want for my submissions such as first name last name etc...



kclarkson created an issue. See original summary.

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Hopefully, in the near future I will work on Views integration. Because the YAML form module does not use the field API, View integration is going to be limited.

I was recently able to get the 'Results' table to be sortable and customizable. This would allow you to show just first name, last name, etc..

Customize table

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Nice!!! So I am assuming that customize form is just in Dev for now? I didn't see the option.

On the views note. Did webform us the field API for the submissions? Maybe there is some code from their concept that would be of help.

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Webform does not use the Field API and has completely custom Views integration, which does need to be ported to the YAML form module.

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Would be nice if we could link a submission field to the submission.

For example being able to link maybe a Project Title to the actual submission. Or maybe you want a just column with fields that says View Application.

Using views for the tabs of submissions would make customizing that admin interface so much easier.

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Here is the ticket to fix the linking to a submission from the results table. #2776395: Make entire results table row clickable

Right now, I want to get my 'simple results reporting' working since it is very useful to most basic users, especially ones that don't know Views or should not be building custom Views.

Advanced Views support and integration is in my roadmap (http://yamlform.io/developers/roadmap/), since I don't have much experience writing Views plugins for D8 it is going to take some work.

I suspect a D8 Views ninja could knock out YAML form submission Views integration in a day or two vs. several hair pulling days for me. Anyway better Views integration will happen in the near future

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Added as a child issue to the Meta Webform features currently missing.

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Is there an estimated time-line for "#2769977: Use Views for the Submissions Results?". Sorry not trying to be a pain, but I need to set expectations on whether we should be using D7 or D8, and this Webform 4x related feature might force my hand. I've hit a snag on project requirements that requires per user results to be displayed from within the site theme.

I'm using your block example to build a form to provide feedback on another form. It works great, but our team then only wants to see results that pertain to each person involved in the feedback loop. So a supervisor in this case might only want to see results of his/her employees to comment on, or a user might only want to see results sent by the SV. I have used tokens to get the functionality most of the way there, but customizing the results has halted forward progress. Is there any other results related features that I might be missing? Thanks again for you unbelievable work on this. I'm dying to use D8, but organizational needs seem to be getting in the way :). I also looked at contact storage (because this feels to me like content), and that unfortunately won't fulfill the needs either due to lack of power-user features our site-builders are clamoring for.

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Views integration most likely won't happen until next year. There is very little documentation for writing custom Views integration.

It is possible to build a custom entity list page in D8 using an Entity Query.

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All work related to Views integration will occur in the below ticket.

#2828289: Views integration