I suppose that the functionality asked should be hard to do, but so great..

Would it be possible to plug actions (http://yoursite.com/admin/config/system/actions) with forms ?
I explained from my need but of course it has to be open.

When a authentified user submit the form, and for example thick a box, this will start for him a subscription. This subscription is identified by a role.

The idea is, when the user thick a box and submit the form, his role is updated. Same thing when he puts other email address, the role of account associated can be updated as well.

I hope to be clear.

It could be so great, as the form could be not only a contact form, but a subscription form for services, events etc.

Thank you !

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Yes! The YAML Form module should support triggering actions and the Rules module.

I did a quick installation of Rules module and it does recognize the YAML form submission entity but I think the Rules module still needs more information about how YAML Form submissions are handled.

I need to look into how to implement Actions and Rules integration. This does seem like a bit of work

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So great !! Thanks !

Rules seems to be as an early stage, and I don't understand exactly differences between Actions and Rules, i just start on it.

In fact I just start to look on code to develop modules etc., so I hope a little later to be able to offer some time / help.

Thanks !

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Title: Form submission => Action » Add Actions and/or Rules support to submission handling
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Project: YAML Form » Webform
Version: 8.x-1.x-dev » 8.x-5.x-dev
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Issue tags: +KyivCampCS17
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Status: Active » Closed (outdated)

At this point, the Rules module is still in Alpha and Webform Rules Integration should be handled in a dedicated contrib module.

The Webform module's Actions and Settings handler with conditional logic, make it possible to accomplish most common actions typically handled by the Rules module.