Last updated 18 December 2017. Created on 26 June 2008.
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Created by the e-Learning Institute as part of the ELMS initiative, the outline designer module is a visual way of structuring content in books. Essentially it's an AJAX'ed version of the Book module which allows you to create site outlines in significantly less time than it normally would take. The project has the following features

  • Duplicate a Branch of nodes (or a single node)
  • Drag and drop nodes to reorder them (core book functionality that's been AJAX'ed)
  • Change content types
  • Rename nodes inline
  • Change node titles inline
  • Perform the "Add child" function in a GUI to outline rapidly
  • delete content or branches of content
  • Associate an icon to a node type
  • Upload and associate new icons to node types

There are several configuration options including:

  • Configure who can access the outline designer
  • Configure what icons are associated to each content type and associate your own
  • Configure what types can be added / changed in the outline designer

There is also optional integration with the Hidden Nodes module. It requires one dependency, the Book module, which is part of Drupal core.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.