The Book Copy module allows users to copy complete books or subtrees of books.

When books are copied the user initiating the copy will be the node author of all book sub-pages. This will allow the user to adjust content to their purpose while keeping the initial content unedited.


Screencast walking through how you can use Book Copy, as well as all its integration points.

This module requires that Replicate module be installed and enabled. It provides an elegant API for cloning items successfully and the 6.x book_copy api has been dropped in favor of this one.

Integrations / support

Drush - Copy books via the command line with Drush.
Outline Designer - duplicate parts of book outlines using the outline designer UI, powered by Book Copy.
Book Delete - accounts for Book Delete module if it is installed so the two can coexist.


Don't use this branch.


This module requires that Node Clone be installed and enabled; however, no users need any privileges from Node Clone to use the Book Copy module. This module works with the core Book module, and with the Book Manager.

6.x / original development sponsored and guided by Flat World Knowledge.
7.x Development and maintenance by the Penn State Drupal community.

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