Shows what fields will be added and what impact it has in a rendered outline

Screencast of how to use this module.
This is a simple module that allows you to leverage the best of both worlds when it comes to the book module. Book provides many advantages over menus:

  • Everything is nested in some form to make a tree
  • You get previous / up / next type of paged navigation while in a book
  • The title of the book item (menu) is automatically set to the title of the page / item created
  • It leverages the menu table to do all this (important fact)

What this module does it help provide optional flexibility to bullet point three by letting you override the title's presentation in the book outline. This is more in line with what menus provide by default (having to name the menu item lets you change the title) but is functionality that needs to be added to book in order to get the same effect. Now that this limitation has been lifted, book away (they really are much more flexible then normal menus)!

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