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XML Sitemap was a very popular module for D6 and D7 sites, however, users are reporting by November 2015 that the last 8.x dev released in July 2015 doesn't work with the official D8 release. Maintainer Dave Reid is seeking a co-maintainer for this project and marked the issue as "Needs Review" on November 20, 2015.

Simple XML Sitemap is an alternate module with a streamlined code base that is currently maintained and works with D8. On November 22, 2015, the maintainer of Simple XML Sitemap, gbyte.co, noted that although Simple XML Sitemap is sufficient for some D8 sites and "in many cases more performant" than XML Sitemap, it would be beneficial for someone to continue to work on a D8 version of XML Sitemap for use cases that require more complex functionality.

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Dave Reid who is seeking a co-maintainer.

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mgifford created an issue. See original summary.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (duplicate)
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Status: Closed (duplicate) » Needs review

WTF, why did you mark this as a duplicate?

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Thank you for the input, Dave Reid. I have adjusted the summary to reflect your indication that this module is intended to be updated for D8. To answer your question, I previously marked the issue as a duplicate because the current 8.x dev is being reported as unusable as of the official D8 release in November 2015 while another similar module does work and is being currently maintained for D8. Note the summary changes:

. . . Users are reporting by November 2015 that the last 8.x dev doesn't work with D8. Maintainer Dave Reid is seeking a co-maintainer for this project and marked the issue as "Needs Review" on November 20, 2015. Simple XML Sitemap is an alternate module with similar functionality that is currently maintained and works with D8.

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XML Sitemap is no duplicate of Simple XML Sitemap, if anything, it's the other way around. Simple XML Sitemap offers fewer features and is the alternative for simpler use cases (it's code base is leaner and in many cases more performant). I encourage anyone to help fixing XML Sitemap for less simple D8 use cases.

In any case I will continue maintaining Simple XML Sitemap, as I use it for all my D8 projects.

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Thanks for the insight, gbyte.co. I have updated the summary to reflect your input. Based on your observations, I believe the status should be changed to "Needs Work," but I will leave that for Dave Reid to change if he wishes.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Setting to NW per contrib_tracker guidelines, since there is not yet a tagged release.

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@Dave Reid

Do you think you can find some time to commit some RTBC issues in the queue. It would help speeding up the rest of the port.
Also, I'm always willing to help along in the D8 branch in case you need more help maintaining it.

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I've already added two new maintainers that were supposed to help keep the port up to date...

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Ha crap, ok, fair enough. I'll keep posting patches then :)

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It seems that the fixes and patches are a bit slow to be applied in D8 branch.

I can dedicate myself porting it to D8, it is possible to give me maintainer level to be able to commit directly to D8 branch?

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Hi all,
IT seems there is few issues (but some fatal) : https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/xmlsitemap?text=&status=Open&prior...
Could you make a point of the current development under drupal 8 more precise ?
Many thanks

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Status: Needs work » Needs review

I worked a few days on the 8.x-1.x branch of XML Sitemap and I think I got everything working properly. At least for everything that's covered by tests, which are now passing 100%.

I pushed everything to github so it's easier for @Dave Reid to review and merge the branch: https://github.com/amateescu/xmlsitemap

I started by applying some patches that were already in the queue and then cleaned up whatever I came upon while trying to get all the tests to pass. You can review each individual commit here: https://github.com/amateescu/xmlsitemap/commits/8.x-1.x

Here's the list of patches that were committed first (in this order), just so we know what we can close after the branch is merged:

#2505903: Fatal error when enabling the base XML SiteMap module
#2459595: Rebuild has error when Language enabled
#2637302: Replace !placeholder with @
#2541112: Enabling XMLSiteMapEngines module give fatal error - xmlsitemap_engines\Form\XmlSitemapEnginesSettingsForm contains 1 abstract method
#2704219: Removed deprecated method render and entityManager from code base
#2387331: Make it possible to disable cron generation of sitemaps and only use Drush
#2479629: Generating sitemap of entities doesn't work

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Today I merged @amateescu's GitHub branch and created an alpha release. Tests pass and basic functionality works. I will continue testing the module and listening to support/bug reports in the issue queue.

@amateescu, would you like to co-maintain? You gained a lot of insight about the module's internals.

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@juampynr, sure, I'd love to help getting a stable release out sooner :)

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@amateescu: I just granted you co-maintainer access as well. Thank you for your work helping move this module forward.

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Last news where from 2 years ago, so, what is the status of this module now?
I tried it (dev branch), I enabled my entities and rebuilding the files, but it didn't work fine probably because of multilingual not working.

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@edurenye See Comment #4. I recommend checking the alternate module suggested that is maintained for D8.

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@edurenye Suggest to check the issue queue of the module itself. Despite the activity they haven't released another alpha or better. Probably because there are a few issues that Need review. You may find your issue reported there, if not add it.

Added those actually porting, not sure they are still looking for co-maintainers, left it just in case.