# Summary

Enable users to create and manage their own 'groups'. Each group can have subscribers, and maintains a group home page where subscribers communicate amongst themselves.

Porting is underway.

# Project URL


# Where is the code?

The D8 port is happening in https://github.com/Gizra/og

# Estimated completion date

1st alpha on Mid October

# Who's doing the port?

Gizra, Tag1 Consulting, Smartsheet, European Commission

# What help do they need?

If you want to help out, have a look through the open issues at https://github.com/Gizra/og/issues

# Background and reference information


jhedstrom created an issue. See original summary.

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> Porting status unknown.

It's actually active :)

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> It's actually active :)

Updated the IS!

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Status: Active » Needs work

Awesome! Indicating that there's some code available. If it's usable for testing, please move to "needs review."

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At the European Commission we need Organic Groups for Drupal 8. We are currently looking at making a developer available for 1 day per week, starting the first week of December. I'll report back once these plans are finalized.

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At Azri Solutions we are planning to use this on a client project. We can dedicate some testing for this project. Will update once the project takes off.

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Great news! I have received confirmation from our project manager regarding our plans to help porting OG. I have been given permission to work on the port for 2 days per week, starting tomorrow!

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That's great to hear @pfrenssen ! While I'm not too strong on the back end bits, I will certainly help out with front-end and UX. @amitaibu - let me know how I can help.

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Hi all, I'm interested in helping with this effort as a side-project to my day job. Great to see momentum for OG in D8. However it's not clear what the status of the port is, how far along we are, what needs to be done, etc. It took me quite a bit of searching to find this page.

Can someone post a summary or task list so that more volunteers can help? I've made a few small drupal modules so would have to spend some time getting caught up, but can help with organizing or writing tests.

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@crobicha, I'm not working on this myself, so I'm not sure of specifics for this upgrade. However, a good place to start in the meantime would be looking at the "Where is the code?" section above. Look at the OG issue queue on GitHub and start testing, reporting any issues found or fixing existing issues using GitHub Pull Requests by forking the repo and making updates.

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Priority: Normal » Major

Given OG's centrality in many large complex sites, and extensive ecosystem of submodules, suggesting bump to "major"

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Previously, OG had been widely used and have extensive eco-systems..
But, I prefer group(http://drupal.org/project/group) instead of og.

Group has simple concepts and nice UI and UX.
I hope OG for drupal 8 should have this points.

When i was using OG, in my case, OG has very complex UX and many seperated admin UI pages per OG related modules.
And It makes confusing site builders and i feel the spaghetti UX for confiure group related features.

I always think to how to build grouping features while building a site.
And OG is widely used and famous for grouping. But, because of above mentioned reason,
I occasionally avoid using OG.

Thanks for reading.

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It would be great if the differences between the modules in D8 could be highlighted somewhere.

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What is the update on og? its been 2 months since an update, but there is activity in the github queue.

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It is far from ready but there is steady progress. The project is very much alive with commits happening on a daily basis.

From an API standpoint the basic building blocks are already in place, so if you need to use OG in a project and have the resources to build the integration programmatically and are able to keep up with API changes over a period of several months while the code base is stabilizing then you can already use it. That's what we are doing in our current project.

If you expect the full suite of functionality and being able to configure everything through the interface then you will probably have to wait a few more months. That said, there are already several critical parts of the UI already implemented. You can create groups, and add members and content to groups. We would really welcome people to test and report issues on the github issue queue.

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Where is this progress happening? The 8.x branch on Github haven't seen a commit since 2014, and the d.o repository doesn't even have a 8.x branch.

Edit: found it at https://github.com/amitaibu/og but if you want people to help, you need more visibility.

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Issue summary: View changes

I've updated the issue summary. Porting is very much on.

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drush dl og        
No release history available for og 8.x.

The project description on https://www.drupal.org/project/og points to the wrong repo and promissed the above.

Note: Development and issues are handled on GitHub, and code is synced back to Drupal.org

Its better to make the link explicit like

Note: Development and issues are handled on https://github.com/amitaibu/og and code is synced back to Drupal.org

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Right, I agree there's nothing on d.o. yet. Which is just as good we are renaming crucial things and I think refactoring static methods into a service is still desired which will upset everything.

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Can somebody give like a 1-2 sentence overview of where og-8.x is at? Is it usable? Or still in flux?

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The basic building blocks are there. If you need basic grouping functionality and are not afraid of setting it up programmatically:

  • You can create group types and group content types and associate them with each other, both through the API and the UI.
  • You can assign members to groups and assign roles to members. Currently only possible through the API, the UI is not there yet.

Current development focus is on:

  • Customizability: we are working on porting the full set of hooks.
  • Access and permissions: we're working on the last bits.
  • Providing a basic UI for setting up roles and permissions.

What's absolutely not there yet is the advanced UI, where you can manage multiple group audience fields etc. There is also no way currently of adding users to groups through the UI.

Risks of using the development version at this time:

  • Absolutely not battle tested. You might encounter serious problems such as critical bugs, data loss and security vulnerabilities. If you intend to go to production within a handful of months this is absolutely not recommended unless you have the resources to do a full audit.
  • API is not stabilized. There are BC breaks from time to time. Practically speaking you will need to allocate someone to follow up and merge in the latest changes on a regular basis. This will cost around 2-3 hours per 2 weeks. If you ignore following up for a longer period you risk falling behind and this will make it more complicated.
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Issue summary: View changes
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Issue summary: View changes
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@pfrenssen you are so awesome! :)

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Thanks for the update hope things work fine will try it today itself .I have been waiting for this update since really long.OG in itself is a great module.

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Hello. Is OG for D8 still happening? It seems there has not be a commit for over a month. Perhaps people are on summer vacation.
Can anyone give a status?


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@magick93 just need to read the issue summary :)


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Hi Amitai/Pieter

could you give an update of the OG D8 port status of comment #28? roadmap and Alpha version estimated release dates?.


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Issue summary: View changes

I've updated the issue summary. I hope for a 1st alpha mid October. It will be OG bare bones, but I feel that what we already have is pretty solid (here's a post I wrote about it)

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Hi Amitai/Pieter,

Do you have a revised date in mind for the Alpha D8 release? Very much looking forward to taking a look at it. Thanks :)

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The first alpha is blocked by #2280479: Add setting to EntityReferenceSelection plugins to prevent references to referencing entity which is holding the PR for Remove OG complex widget.

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Now, I am a bit confused.. on this post in 2010 amitaibu wrote that OG has been rewritten as group, but here it seems that there is a roadmap for OG in D8 still in place..

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@sylvaticus there were plans to rename Organic Groups -> Group. Since then another module called Group has emerged.

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Since OG is blocked by #2280479: Add setting to EntityReferenceSelection plugins to prevent references to referencing entity
on the ContribKanban.com the OG project should move to "blocked" column

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Since OG is blocked by #2280479: Add setting to EntityReferenceSelection plugins to prevent references to referencing entity for more than 1 year, is there a way forward with a workaround or not consider this as dependency for 1st alpha? This way other areas can make progress and having the 1st Alpha could attract more contributors . Atleast it will get more downloads and tests.

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I don't think that's a good idea. Instead of putting effort in developing workarounds, it would be better to spend that effort on getting the core bug fixed. Otherwise we'll just end up with technical debt that requires more effort later to clean up again.

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@pfrenssen, in general, I agree with your philosophy.
What I was trying to suggest is move forward (not release , just alpha) based on the impact of this issue. May be i don't understand the use case completely but thought this could be an edge case. Based on your and amitaibu's conversation on that thread (comments #10, #14, #17, #18, #19), although there is a use case as you pointed, The problem to happen , requires a specific user action to reference entity and edit the form.

) Imagine you are holding a promotion for your webshop "Buy one item, get a related item of your choice for free" - this could provide an entity reference to a list of related items which could include itself.

So worst case that can happen, it will show itself in the list of related entries. Not ideal, but is that a showstopper for test site?

Even if this must be fixed in core before OG 8.x release, does this rise to the complexity or data corruption for a generic OG install with Alpha1 quality? We have OG alpha releases before with known defects. Having an alpha will attract more people to try OG and in turn help kickstart more hands on the deck and might actually get more resources to fix the core bug. Right now the "core" does not seem it is high enough to be fixed (it has not been in the last 3 years) . So should we really be treating this as blocking (for alpha1 atleast)?

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I agree with @ajayg. The blocker issue isn’t a critical bug causing data loss or WSODs or anything like that, or even a major one causing errors in the log to the best of my understanding. As I understand it, it’s a missing feature that would be very nice to have in the released version (especially since it involves referential integrity of the data), but could wait for now to get an alpha out the door. Definitely get it in there before a beta, let alone rc, release, though.

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This comment about that issue blocking the release of OG was made by Amitai over a year ago. I wouldn't be too fixated on that as being the One True Reason that the OG alpha is not released yet. A lot has happened in the meantime. The development of OG is done on Github, so to get a good idea about the current status of the project it can be interesting to follow some of the issues there.

If you want to help get OG released, please check the open issues for the D8 version and the open pull requests, especially the ones that are marked as alpha blockers.

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Indeed, as @pfrenssen commented -- that issue isn't a blocker for OG.

There are a few PRs either ready or needing some more work, that once are committed we could cut an alpha, although out of the current 4 probably only this is the real blocker (anyone ready to review it is most welcome).

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# 47 @amitaibu
> probably only this is the real blocker (anyone ready to review it is most welcome).

conversation looks like it is RTBC there, or not?

> #2280479: Add setting to EntityReferenceSelection plugins to prevent references to referencing entity

In that issue there is a reverence to https://www.drupal.org/project/entity_reference_validators which is a viable workaround for now.

So an alpha might be in sight...😻