I am planning to make a image gallery using drupal , I have Searched Druapl.org and found that it's easy using 5.x , but since now D6.X is available any new way out , Or not if no then will stick to 5.x image gallery .


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The image module, like many other modules being updated for Drupal 6, is still in development. It is available though and you're welcome to try it out, though I'd personally stick with the D5 variant for now.


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With the CCK, FileField, ImageField, ImageAPI ImageCache, and Views modules it's pretty simple to create a decent gallery. Granted these modules are in Alpha or RC as of this comment - but they all seem to be working in the install that I've got set up.

The super brief recipe:
(1) Create a content type for your gallery images
(2) Add an Image type field and set it up. I'd recommend setting minimum upload sizes if you don't want to have to upscale images and setting. Also set a maximum size that is the final display size of the image.
(3) Set up an Image Cache Preset (Site Building->ImageCache) for the thumbnail size images. I recommend doing a scale to the lowest minimum that you set when you created the field on either the height or the width, not both, and then a crop on both sides to that same number.
(4) Create a View for the gallery page that is set to a grid type layout, filtered on your content type and has only one field which is the image field that you created. One of the display options for the field should be the thumb preset that you set up linked to the node or image.


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Hello Elgreg,
Apparently it's not so easy to make an image gallery.
With your solution; is it possible to upload multiple images at once ?

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There are lots of module available for this. Please find the best for you.

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If you are looking for an easy way to create galleries out of a large number of uploaded images that you can mass upload via FTP to your server, then the Brilliant Gallery module is one of the easiest ways to get a cool gallery up and running. You won't be able to use these images for anything else though, like associating them with a node.

If you want to have your users be able to upload multiple files in one go and have a simple album type that you can build on, check out the Gallerix module.
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Node gallery is the one of the best module for image galleries for drupal 6 - http://drupal.org/project/node_gallery

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My screncast «Simple gallery»

How to create a Simple gallery with pagination in gallery-node


help me in creating image gallery for drupal 6