Hi people
first I m not a very good coder. but i found out about Google App Engine

look what some people are able to do with it http://barbound.appspot.com/
is there a way to I don't know have a module that works with google app engine and drupal?


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No. Google app engine is run under python but maybe in the future they will run php.

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Gotta love python! If it weren't for php's wider install base on web hosts I'd wish drupal was drupy (Drupal but in python, which I just googled and found out actually exists). I have to imagine you could create a web service using google app engine (in python) and have drupal consume that web service somehow.

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Well, I chatted with the drupy coder on IRC.. ... he's shutting down the project due to lack of time.

However, there is a PHP runtime coded in Java and runs on a Java server. See projectzero.org. My idea is to try to get projectzero running on Google App engine, and then install drupal on that. A very daunting task. Maybe I'll try it out...

relavent link: http://www.projectzero.org/php/

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You might want to check out http://www.caucho.com/resin-3.0/quercus/ which runs on Googles App Engine. You still have the problem of database compatibility in "GQL", and the App Engines lack of SQL JOIN abilities to fight though.

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At the time of me writing this, PHP hosting on GAE is available if you get your app whitelisted. See this article for more: http://blog.boombatower.com/drupal-google-app-engine

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I was just reading through the up coming Google Cloud presentation and there was an article at the bottom about running Drupal on Google Cloud with their php app engine.