Last updated 28 December 2015.

If you are working for an organization or customer when you make contributions to the project, they may want to share your credit for helping Drupal.

First, talk to your organizations or customers about this. Issue comments are public communication, and while the words and work you post are your own, concerns can arise when you attach an organization name. Always make sure you follow any contracts you've signed, and don't disclose anything you should not disclose publicly.

Organization pages are required for attribution

To be credited, organizations and customers need organization pages on These should be set up by someone representing the organization, who has the authority to create an organization page. Requesting marketplace listing is not required for attribution.

To give credit to an organization or an employer, add them to your user profile. Go to your user profile, click Edit, then Work, and add the organization, exactly matching the organization page name, and checking Current organization.

Making an attribution

Whenever you comment on an issue, look above your comment for the Attribute this contribution fields. Once you set this, the default values will stay for future comments; if you have multiple employers or customers, be sure to change these as necessary.

If you want to credit multiple employers or customers in a single comment, you can do that. The organization field is multi-select, and the customer field will allow you to enter as many companies as needed. It is worth noting that the system will always credit the comment author if no organizational attribution is given.

A user attributes a company and a client

Editing your attribution

If you need to modify the attribution you made, you can do so by simply editing your comment. However, you should be aware that an upcoming feature on will allow project maintainers to assign credit to an issue based on the attributions made by commenters. Once the overall issue credit has been assigned by a maintainer, it can no longer be edited.

Viewing the attributions made by others

The attributions that others have made with their issue comments can be viewed by clicking on the Credit button next to the commenter's username.

A user attributes a company and a client

Seeing a summary of attributions

By viewing the Credit & committing section at the end of any issue, you can view a quick summary of the attributions that contributors have made with their comments.

Please note that in the Credit & committing section, any attributions made by individuals on their own time are shown separately from the attributions made by the same people while on the clock. This shows a complete and fair picture of the individuals, organizations, and customers who made the contribution possible.

A maintainer can use the Credit & committing UI to save credit for contributors and their attributed organizations to the issue.

Why is crediting organizations and customers important?

For a detailed explanation of why this is important and why it aligns with the Drupal community's values, see Dries's DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 keynote.