for some reason i want the nid starts from 10000 instead of 1, how to do it?

I tried to set "ALTER TABLE `drupal`.`node` AUTO_INCREMENT = 10000;" to my db, but it does not work.

thanks in advance.


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You need to change the value in the sequences table, in the row for nids, to 9999.

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thanks cog.rusty.

after update the sequences table, it works.

to make vid also start form 10000, just update "node_revisions_vid" in sequence table to 9999.

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Use phpMyadmin, open the first node, change nid to 10000 and let AUTO_INCREMENT=1.
The AUTO_INCREMENT parameter used for increase the nid, i.e: if your current nid=5 and AUTO_INCREMENT=20 then the next nid will be 25, 45, 65 and so on.

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Do NOT do that. Drupal does not use auto_increment. You need to look at the sequences table.

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and how to make uid start from 10.000 ?

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In Drupal 5, go to the "sequences" table with phpmyadmin, browse it, find the "users_uid" row and change its value to 10000.

In Drupal 6, go to the "users" table, select the "Operations" tab at the top, and change "auto_increment" to 10000.

You must have already created the special "user 1" account before doing that.

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thanks man!
It works

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In drupal 6 if you do not have phpmyadmin run the following sql


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