Status message

Digital power house with over 400+ design, technology and data science professionals. Our culture of craftsmanship and quality combined with our strong background in business thinking makes us results-orientated. Our definition of success is to reach the customer’s goal, and even going beyond it by discovering new innovations on the way. Examples of specialties: Open Source, UX/UI design, rapid prototyping, design through prototyping, software & system architecture, technology integrations, information management.

Our main value proposition is simple: we get the job done.

Drupal contributions

Siili is hosting Drupal Core Sprints and is an active within the sprints in Finland. Siili has representation in the board in the Finnish Drupal Association. Siili also participates co-organizing and sponsoring the DrupalCamp in Finland. Drupal developers at Siili are encouraged to contribute to Drupal core.

Projects supported

Entity Autocomplete Configurable, Webform Submission to PDF

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 3 months


Training from agile enterprise methods to service design.