The Homebox Packery module is base on the homebox module that allows site administrators to create dashboards for their users, using blocks as widgets.

But i wanted to use a different JavaScript layout library to create
a more flexible layout, like Packery Layout Library.

Packery layouts can be intelligently ordered or organically wild. Elements can be stamped in place, fit in an ideal spot, or dragged around. With this flexibility, the user experience if for me more interactive and fun !

This module add some settings options to the homebox settings page to active Packery and set all the available options of Packery.



My Background

Worked with Drupal for more than 5 years as Lead Developer.

Sandbox Link

Git Clone Command

git clone --branch 7.x-1.x homebox_packery
cd homebox_packery

Pareview Report

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I am trying to use the module, but I am stuck.
I cannot really see much difference when I use the packery library. Only the gutter becomes 0, and my packery settings do not take effect. I see that packery.pkgd.min.js is included on the page, and I also see the settings in the Drupal.settings. I am not familiar with the Homebox module either. Maybe I forgot something?

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Hi Balagan,

after you install the module and have the packery library in the folder sites/all/libraries/packery/
When you are going in your Homebox settings page : admin/structure/homebox/settings/my_page
You can enable the use of packery. Do you have check the checkbox input ?

If you turn it off, you will see that your block or all in one column in your page (standard homebox) (cf : screenshot homebox.png). And you can only move the block up and down.

With packery on, you have the block layout (cf : screenshot packery.png). And you can move your block wherever you want, and see the layout moving.

What change have you made on the packery settings so i can try it also.

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Thanks for tips, the library was in the sites/all/libraries/ directory, now I will try again. There was only one column, even if I checked or unchecked the enable packery library checkbox, and it was not possible to move them horizontally.
I will give it another try now, thanks for your help.
Well, your instructions were clear before too, I have just neglected them.

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I see the script is loaded on the page. I see the collapse and close buttons change, otherwise no change in behavior. If I change the column width in the Packery settings or the Horizontal layout, I see no changes, and I can only reorder items vertically. I have enclosed 2 screenshots.

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Thanks for the screenshot.

Try with the settings isHorizontal = False
and Is init layout = True
That will load the packery when you launch the page.

With which browser are you testing ?
May be there is a javascript error that i don't have with firefox or chrome.

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Ohh and something i forget is Packery needs Jquery >= 1.10
Add jquery_update module and select 1.10 as the default jquery version.

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I am using Chrome on Windows. In the JavaScript console there is a warning when moving the elements: 'Attr.nodeValue' is deprecated. Please use 'value' instead.
I have made the changes you suggested, but still not able to move the elements side by side.

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That's strange Balagan, i just make right now a fresh installation of a drupal 7.31
and just add this modules :
- Homebox
- Libraries
- Jquery update
- Homebox packery (from my sandbox)

And by just checking the Add Packery Library, it's working as design.
May be try with a fresh install too or did you add also the module libraries ( ?

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Well, jquery update was not installed, I thought that is only needed for D6 for Homebox. I will try again tonight.

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Well, I still had time to try it, made a fresh install, installed libraries, homebox, your module, jquery_update, copied packery library, but it is still one column layout. I can reorder the items, but only in 1 column. The previous JS warning is gone on both sites, I guess jquery_update fixed that.

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Ok i will create a demo website tonight and make it available online so you will be able to try directly on my fresh install.

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Some notes: When you enable the packery library, you set the number of columns to 1, and the width of the first column to 100% but you do not set the other columns to zero. I ran into this problem, and the homebox module displayed some warnings, and did not save the settings until I did not set these columns to zero. I think it would be more user friendly if you would set the other column widths to zero with a for loop.

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Thanks for the note, it's a good idea, i will do that tomorrow :) (it's done!)

Here is the demo website : (new demo website)
Drupal 7.31
+ homebox
+ jquery update
+ libraries
+ homebox packery
And of course the packery layout library in sites/all/libraries/packery/packery.pkgd.min.js

You can use the account demo/demo to change the homebox settings.

But first try the homepage with your machine to see if it's working :)

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Assigning to myself for next review that might be in tonight.

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Firstly, Thanks for your Contribution! Awesome Module :) Sorry for coming late, was too tired yesterday.

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  2. You should also implement hook_requirements as well about the status of the library installation.See
  3. Readme.txt is nice. Regarding the sponsored by section, you can also add that organization in the 'supporting organization' section in module edit page and also specify how they helped you.
  4. As the functions in the file are hook implementations.So I would suggest either move it to .module file or rename the file name from to some more generic name because the file not contains the admin function.
  5. homebox_packery_form_homebox_configure_form_alter : Wrong doc block.Its hook_form_fomid_alter
  6. It would be nice if you will add the hook_help in the module.It will be nice if you will also specify on the project page which dependent module version have you tested the module.
  7. : homebox_packery_settings_form_submit Instead of typcasting the values here into integer you should validate the values using the element_validate in homebox_packery_form_homebox_configure_form_alter. That will also remove the typecasting from this function homebox_packery_load_settings as well.
  8. : homebox_packery_settings_form_submit Instead of typcasting the values here into integer you should validate the values using the element_validate in homebox_packery_form_homebox_configure_form_alter
  9. template_preprocess_homebox_packery : It looks that this function is passing the user provided inputs directly without sanitization.So sanitize the appropriate values.Simlarly this function template_preprocess_homebox_block_packery
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