Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

A Goutte scraping script to automatically manage the drupal.org project applications issue queue.

This project is developed on Github: https://github.com/klausi/pascraper

Current features:

  • Set a "needs review" application to "needs work" if a link to the sandbox or the Git repository could not be extracted from the issue summary.
  • Post a hint to the review bonus program to "needs review" applications that did not receive such a hint yet.
  • Set a "needs review" application to "needs work" if there has not been any automated review link to ventral.org posted and the result of pareview.sh exceeds a threshold of 30 lines.
  • Check if an applicant has multiple applications and close all but one as duplicates.
  • Close old "needs work" project applications after 4 weeks if the applicant did not respond.

Project information